Redout still heading to Switch, development close to wrapping up

You might not believe it, but according to the dev team working on Redout, it's still coming to Switch. This was a title announced before the Switch even came out, but the game still hasn't seen release. In a recent Fragments of Silicon interview, Guiseppe Franchi of 34BigThings reconfirmed that the title is still coming.

“Yes, very much (still in development). … It’s been long overdue and we know it. As I said before, it was challenging to bring this game on Xbox and PlayStation, so I’ll let you know how imagine how challenging it was to bring it on Nintendo Switch. But it’s still coming. We are in the process, we are in a very advanced… We’re very close to it. It’s coming.

The game is going to be published by Nicalis, so as for the release, I suggest you ask them. Not because I don’t want to talk or because I don’t know, but because it’s their job. … they’re doing their job perfectly well. From our end though, we’re wrapping things up.”

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Sun Nov 18 18 04:37pm
Rating: 2

Getting some (hopefully ungrounded) '90s Arcade Racer vibes from this news.
I'm sorry, I meant '90s Super GP. Speaking of which, Nicalis still hasn't declared the death of this project. But I gave up hopes over a year ago. Sad

Seeing this really makes me wish Nintendo is working on something F-Zero related for the Switch.

Sun Nov 18 18 09:30pm
Rating: 1

I don't know why, but I've got this good feeling that F-Zero will happen on Switch. They've been on a roll delivering what fans want lately.

If it doesn't happen, I'll probably get depressed and eat my way into an early grave. If I can't have F-Zero, it'll have to be mozzarella sticks that give my life meaning.

Sun Nov 18 18 10:19pm
Rating: 1

I have the same feeling, it's happening.

Retro are working on it! No worries Smile

The Switch version of this game feels like vaporware at this point. I got too impatient and ended up buying the PS4 version awhile back. The sad part is, I really didn't like it that much anyway. I keep wanting something to fill the F-Zero void, but this game just pales in comparison to F-Zero GX. It's not even close to as good.

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