Pokemon: Let's Go UK sales - combined for No. 1 position overall, boost to Switch hardware/software sales

We have some early details about how Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee have sold in the UK, and it's great news. Check out the first info below.

- the most successful video games at UK physical retail last week
- Let's Go Pikachu debuted at No.4
- Let's Go Eevee came in at No.6
- combining the two brings them to spot No. 1
- the games launching had a positive impact on Switch hardware sales
- the two games also boosted sales of other Switch games
- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (No.9) sales increased 94 per cent
- Super Mario Party (No.18) sales were up 25 per cent
- Super Mario Odyssey (no.19) rose 30 per cent
- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (No.28) saw a 52 per cent sales spike
- Just Dance 2019 enjoyed a 465% sales leap, rising from No.39 to No.14
- Pokémon Let's Go's launch sales are down compared with previous major Pokémon titles
- Let's Go sales are down more than 60 per cent compared with 2016's Sun and Moon
- Let's Go sales are down five per cent compared with 2013's Pokémon X and Y
- stock issues persisted in the UK with fewer than expected units coming in from Nintendo's European warehouse
- some preorders were not fulfilled, and many locations were sold out
- both X and Y and Sun and Moon launched when 3DS had a slightly larger install base


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You mean like the one coming out next year?

Wow, those are extremely disappointing opening sales for a mainline Pokemon franchise. Nintendo should have just given exactly what the fans wanted--a NEW, mainline franchise entry with respectable Switch-level HD graphics without the 3DS-esque appearance.

You mean like the one coming out next year?

That's exactly what they are doing. They were very up front about it from the moment they announced the Let's Go games that they are also working on the true next gen game in the series.

This one is merely a stop-gap while they work on that game you're talking about. Just don't buy it and wait. That's my plan. I'm glad some people are enjoying it though.

Sun Nov 18 18 10:18pm
Rating: 2

It's an extremely successful launch.
Sold almost as much as XY with a smaller install base and several stock issues.

Why are you using logic? It confuses people ;)

Most insightful string of words I have seen today right there.

A tad bit surprised Spyro is beating RDR2, but guess that's just for a short time. I'm curious to see what PokeLetsGo sells these hollidays though.

UK loves PS1 era (to my dismay as the only kid with an N64), so both Crash and Spyro do bananas-good here.

I see. And well, the UK truly is the ilses of Playstation.

Sounds quite impressive until you read how it compares in terms of sales to previous Pokemon games. But then at the same time it's not a mainline entry in the series.

I think we can all agree the most impressive fact here is that "Just Dance 2019 enjoyed a 465% sales leap". Zzz 😴

Well, Just Dance 2019 IS GOTY, so that should come as no surprise.

I’ll be getting Pokemon Let's Go later down the line.I hear some people are having fun with it. Sounds like it did ok. Problem is for me, it’s not as much a stop gap, but the fact it is using Pokemon Go mechanics. I have a like/hate relationship that.

I was very sceptical of the Go style catching mechanics myself but I’m actually finding it takes the away the monotonous grinding of battling wild Pokemon to level up. You get experience for catching the Pokemon instead. I’m finding it much more enjoyable this way rather than grinding. And to be honest, there’s always been enough trainer battles to provide the bulk of experience so not a lot seems lost.

For certain Pokemon, like Snorlax and I believe the legendaries, you have to battle and beat the Pokemon before you can attempt to catch it.

I tried playing docked first and using the motion but having more fun in handheld.

I love that you can see the Pokemon and choose to encounter it or not. Places like Mt Moon and Rock tunnel are sooooo much better without a Zubat encounter every two steps. You can simply run around them.

Caves were horrible in previous games unless you used a repel. They are the places that benefit most from Pokemon in the overworld. It does take away the suspense of long grass though.

Yeah I’ve always hated caves. I don’t miss the long grass and “suspense” Smile I prefer being able see the Pokemon and choose which one I want to target Smile

To be fair there was A LOT of competition in terms of new entries this week. The Switch has a much smaller user base and those games are not what every Pokémon fan wants (that'll be coming next year). It's a miracle it sold as wel as it did, given the known small stock situation.

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