Starlink: Battle for Atlas sees sizable price drop

Starlink: Battle for Atlas may have done well with Nintendo fans right out of the gate, but it seems all versions of the title are now hurting when it comes to consumer interest. This has pushed Ubisoft to enact some price drops both here in the states, and across Europe. Stateside, you can currently Starter Edition on Switch for just $40 through Amazon.


I think alot of people felt this was going to flop from the getgo. Attaching this game to Toys to Life killed this game and it didn't matter how Ubisoft approaches it.

The sales of the PS4 and XboxOne versions may have had a hand in it. Let’s face it, toys to life is a dead market especially on those consoles.

I think it is mostly Black Friday says tbh... Best Buy had the game listed at $35 in their ad, this is likely Amazon just matching one of the BF sales!

I actually get really tempted to buy this when I see it in the store... mainly because I want an Arwing model. But I'm not very interested in the game. As the price gets lower it starts approaching that "desk figurine" price point for me.

It's a pretty alright game even though it basically houses all of the Ubisoft open world tropes. The Star Fox related content is definitely worth it though.

i thought this was a black friday sale

Is it full price on eshop still?

The whole toy-to-life part of the game turns me off. I've already been burned by those type of games. Yes, you can argue that i could get a digital version, but i would still end up paying the same amount as i would buying the toys for all the parts. Although, at this price of $40 for the starter pack, i may just bite. Ive been wanting to play this game, plus the StarFox portion of it looks amazing.

Tue Nov 20 18 11:09am
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So it's now less than 24 hours later and this isn't on sale. There go all the theories.


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