Amazon Japan selling special Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo bundle with 63 amiibo figures

Amazon Japan is currently selling an amiibo bundle for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that contains an amiibo for almost every fighter. Some amiibo are still in development, such as Pichu, Young Link, and Daisy, so they will not be included in this set. The set is scheduled to release in February to coincide with the individual releases of the Ice Climbers and Piranha Plant amiibo. Pre-orders are currently unavailable, but Amazon Japan suggests that consumers may pre-order this set starting on Cyber Monday (or November 26th).

If you'd like to try and purchase this set, then please refer to this link!


I would love to know what the price is for a package like that... can’t be cheap.

I must resist the urge to calculate how much money I have spent on amiibo so far ... must be way above 1.000€ ...

OK, that's going to cost an arm and a leg to buy.

I bet the shipping would cost more than that box of amiibos.

It must be great having so much money that you could buy this without a second thought.

There is obviously only one thing to do....

Probably around $600 shipped. Base price amiibo are 1296 yen, so assume a discount of 1000 yen per. 63000 yen is ~$560 and $40 shipped is reasonable. (Amazon JP uses DHL, so possibly a little more than $40.)

Of course if you didn't care enough to buy any of these before, not sure why you'd want to spend $600 on these now.

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