Retailers in Japan are selling out of the Switch

Oh boy, here we go again! Japan is currently facing a Switch shortage, with multiple retailers running out of stock for various options/bundles. The Neon Blue/Red and the Gray Switch options are nowhere to be found at retailers like Tsutaya, Yamada Denki, and Nojima Online. Other retailers still have stock, but those numbers are dwindling as the weeks push on. With Pokemon Let's Go now available, and Smash Bros. Ultimate just a couple weeks away, it's not hard to imagine the situation getting much worse in a short amount of time.

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Queue the “artificial shortages” comment (aka the dumbest comment)

Doom I say.

Doom Dooooom Doooooooooooom!

This could be a big problem if they don't get stock back in for Smash.

Nintendo is DOOOOMED! ... from excessive sales?

Queue the “artificial shortages” comment (aka the dumbest comment)

You would have thought those comments would have died in the Wii era, but here they still persist. As if not having enough product benefits anybody at all?

It's not that there's an artificial shortage, it's the creating of the perception of a shortage which drives up demand even further. Nintendo don't mind though.

All you have to do is look at Nintendo's sales projections of Switch for the year. They predicted 20 million for the fiscal year, they're way down on that number which means they should have around 15 million units lying around warehouses. And they're not stupid, they know and they said it that this is the time when they'll sell the bulk of the hardware for the year.

Dude, an artificial shortage is just that; a created perception of a shortage.

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