Super Smash Bros Ultimate is already being modded

We're going to stay away from posting the footage, as it could come from an illegally downloaded copy or a leaked retail copy. Either way, the footage does confirm that mods are already being released for Smash Bros. Ultimate. The mod in question is one that lets you add in custom music to portions of the game. All this is happening nearly two weeks before the game launches.

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!


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The fact people are modding a game that hasn't even released sounds like a complete disrespect to the developers.

"There's Rare music hidden inside this game, that must mean that we're getting a Microsoft character! Ha! Ha!"

The fact people are modding a game that hasn't even released sounds like a complete disrespect to the developers.

Sat Nov 24 18 11:56pm
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As if the wait weren't bad enough we now have to actively avoid spoilers and hear about how it's already being modded. So much for a world wide simultaneous launch.

The more often this happens, the more releasing these games digitally a month early/preventing them from even working until launch day seems more and more enticing

No need to punish everyone over the actions of a few people. :/

Sun Nov 25 18 10:53am
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Tell that to Europeans who had to wait longer for Sun and Moon because Italians leaked the game and broke the street date crazy early. They did it before, so Nintendo may not hesitate to do it again

That sucks but that really doesn't change what I said.

Leaks like this will be a thing of the past soon when gaming is a digital only medium

It shows how easy it is for people to break street dates and how easy it is still for people to hack the Switch. Nintendo thought they'd dealt a major blow to hackers with Version 6.2.0.


Nintendo have never won against the hackers and I don't think they ever will. Thankfully it's just a small proportion of people that do this. But Nintendo treat us, the vast majority of law abiding citizens like potential criminals and won't let us have something as simple as a web browser. Hackers always find a way, the Switch was cracked early on and nothing Nintendo have or done since has thwarted them.

I've read that smash works because it's a 6.1 game .. New games with 6.2 firmware will be (maybe) blocked..

this time the bad job was done by Nvidia..

They do not treat us as criminals, but are trying to prevent the criminality to spread. They have to. What sucks the most are online games where hackers ruin it for us actual gamers.

I agree that hackers are ruining some online games. You know what would help eliminate or reduce it? Dedicated servers. Nintendo are now charging for online, nothing changed from the day before to the day after the fee was introduced. Nintendo pocketed that money for nothing, their games are p2p. They should invest that money to make the Online better.

oN THAT WE AGREE 100%. Also I guess it's too late for Spla2n (and even Smash Ultimate). BUt I sure hope they fix this shit with future games.

Sun Nov 25 18 06:57am
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Honestly, I would not even report this. It is just so disrespectful to Sakurai already that these animals are pirating the game.

Sun Nov 25 18 08:15am
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Meanwhile, the preload version of the game sits on my legal Switch and I can't play it. The cat's out of the bag Nintendo. Just unlock them all so us fans won't be punished for your crap security system.

This is all on Nintendo for letting this happen so easily while the players who try to go the legal route are punished.

Sun Nov 25 18 11:44am
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Just because a few stores in Mexico broke street date, it doesn't mean they should just change everything for all stores worldwide. That would be a logistical nightmare, especially if not all stores had their copies yet.

Basically this. Comments like tduck's make me wonder if some of ya'll have extremely limited knowledge about how businesses work, especially with retailers. One good example of a company releasing something early despite what they told retailers initially is Sega and the Saturn in the West, where Sega decided to "surprise" people by releasing the system early. The problem? They didn't tell retailers or third party publishers so the launch of the console in the West turned into a nightmare that ultimately proved to be Sega shooting themselves in the foot and they never recovered from it, eventually leading to them dropping out of the console market when the Dreamcast failed to make up for the Saturn's poor sales outside of Japan.


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