Eiji Aonuma causes a stir, gets fan speculating about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword coming to Switch

Could The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword be heading to the Switch? Comments from Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma have fans thinking a port is in the works.

Aonuma was part of a Legend of Zelda concert taking place as part of Nintendo Live, and during the concert he made this comment to the crowd.

“I know what you’re waiting for – Skyward Sword for Switch. Right?”

The fan went nuts over that comment, but there was no follow-up from Aonuma. Was it a joke, or a tease of something in the works? We'll just have to hang tight and see what happens!

Thanks to Sligeach_eire and Palmer64 for the heads up!


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Sun Nov 25 18 01:26pm
Rating: 13

I'd buy it! Skyward Sword is a great game!

Man I sure hope he wasn't joking! Unlike seemingly the rest of the entire internet, I actually loved that game. My second favorite 3D Zelda (after Breath of the Wild). It has the best combat of any game in the series.

This. So much this that we could be friends!

Sun Nov 25 18 01:31pm
Rating: 2

I would so double dip. SS in HD? Omfg!!!! Just do NOT ness with the controllers. So much fun actually swinging the sword.

Controls made it fun and unique. There's a few travel fixes they could do to make it less back.and forth but overall it was my favorite combat and had a great story.

And an amazing atmosphere! It just sucked me into pre-Hyrule in some great way.

Mon Nov 26 18 06:11pm
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Yeah! I had so much fun playing this game with the Gold Zelda Wii-Mote I got with the game! You could do things like an actual spin and it'd be translated in the game. I used to clear the room just to play this game xD

Would love to do it again with the new and smaller Joy-con!! (not to mention freedom between the left and right hands! =D

Ooooh, so much this!

Sometimes just stopping in the game just to move the sword around and Link did the exact same on screen. That immersion is what I want more of. But guess the next games will not have it, so I would be very happy with a HD port or even a remake. And yes, the freedome of the joy-cons would just make it even better.....

And we do not need to know how much each ruby is worth every damn time we ick one up, and Fi, even though I like her a lot, can shut the F&%K up at times.

Yeah, those rupee messages returning after loading the game up again I remember, that was pretty pointless...

"Whoohoo this blue rupee is worth a whole 5 rupees! Did you know that?!?!?"
Yes game, you told me the last 10 times I loaded up the game again... -.-"

Maybe a feature to be able to toggle how much Fi speaks would be nice for some users who are annoyed by her..

Skyward Sword HD will be announced during the Game Awards I guarantee it. Nintendo saw the positive reception BOTW got last year and they will probably try to replicate it. In fact I bet we will get Skyward Sword HD announced alongside a trailer for Bayonetta 3.

I think (or perhaps hope) that Bayonetta 3 is a given. It was at the Game Awards it was announced and it was as far back as May 2017 Platinum said they were working on an "interesting" title exclusive for Switch. So I guess that would be BAyonetta. Which means it has been in development for some time now.

Zelda SS? Sure hope so, as mentined above =)

It’s so divisive but I would kill for this game in HD. Best dungeons in the series IMO

I really enjoyed Skyward Sword, my only negative memory is COLLECT 200 TADPOLES.

I'd love to fight The Imprisoned AT LEAST three more times. /sarcasm

Sun Nov 25 18 02:13pm
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SS and TP are the only Zelda games I have no interest in replaying. Wouldn't be surprised if they do end up making and HD version of SS, it is pretty much the only home console 3D Zelda without a remake/remaster of some sort. I am keen to see though if they are going to do any improvements to the game.

Well if they want to do it, they have to do it now. They have a console that can replicate the Wii controls, and there is no guarantee the next console will be able to do that. SS will always be more complicated to adapt or re-release in HD collections and whatnot because of its controls. So it's pretty clear to me that they will not pass the opportunity.

Nintendo will NOT drop motion controls. It's basically a standard for them by now and it's also getting cheaper all the time.

Apart from that I agree that they should make an HD port ASAP.

I'll gladly take it! I can only imagine how great it would be with HD Rumble and enhanced motion controls. I'd love it if we could start out on hard mode as I was hoping that would be my next playthrough.

Still the best Zelda game.
At least, its the only one who had the guts to actually rights a story with full character arcs which clear meaning behind it, even if the meaning isn't that deep or unique.
And it has the best art style, and in my opinion, best dungeon design. And best NPCs.

If they would add an option for not playing with motion controls then I would be down for it.

Wii U got Wii ports and they cost €20. You can be sure if this happens it won't be that cheap. It remains to be seen what work is done on this, again if it's true. It seems logical, Wii U got HD ports of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. The next one on the list is Skyward Sword. The Switch has native motion controls. The thing is though, Skyward Sword is the worst mainline Zelda game and I mean the worst. It's the only bad Zelda game in my opinion.

The Wii on Wii U games weren’t ports. They were 100% the Wii code, natively running. The only work done was they bypassed “Wii Mode” to boot the games.

Wii U games on Switch are ports. Different hardware with different CPU architecture and requires work.

They were literally Wii Retail downloads, with the game's code plopped onto the eShop. Not even work done to make the ports like VC games, but literal dumps. It wasn't a port

Sun Nov 25 18 02:47pm
(Updated 2 times)

I haven’t gone back to any previous Zelda game since playing BOTW. It’ll be an adjustment when I

I wouldn’t mind replaying Skyward Sword but the motion controls turns me off. It wasn’t a fun experience the first time around. It’s the only Zelda game I’ve only played once.

I can’t see it coming without being playable in handheld mode and that means a non-motion controls option.

The game is so married to motion controls that I would find it hard to imagine them separating the two unless they come up with a clever way to map gestures to the right analog stick and even then it might be wonky or would have to automated to some level, breaking the engagement.

I agree. I wonder would they release a game that has to be played with Joy-Con detached? A game not being playable in handheld mode is kinda anti-Switch. But doesn’t Super Mario Party only support Docked or Table Top Mode so I guess there is precedent?

Tue Nov 27 18 02:42pm
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It will be interesting to see how they pull it off. Metal Gear: Rising did sword control very well using the analog stick so I can see a Skyward Sword remake taking a similar approach. Making it not feel clunky will be a challenge but playing Metal Gear: Rising gave me hope that it would work and people have came up with similar control schemes on the Dolphin Emulator where you can map motion control movements to a traditional gamepad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie3LP4H09n8

Just this year, I found a first-run copy (the one with the included soundtrack) for a pretty good price, so I'm not really in a hurry to get it again. My sister, however...

The only reservation I have about this is that the joy-con have a lot less accurate motion control than Wiimotes did... Could make for some frustrating moments.

Sun Nov 25 18 03:59pm
Rating: 2

Actually not. The gyro in the joy-cons seem to be better, but it lacks the IR pointer. But then again Zelda SS didn't even use that, so this could be a simple port.

Sun Nov 25 18 04:19pm
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I have several concerns:

1. Skyward Sword, while not "bad," definitely feels "off" as a Zelda game. It shares this with Twilight Princess.
2. Skyward Sword was borderline Zelda with a level-select screen, and I'm pretty sure the response to it was why BoTW became the way it was. In fact, I'm pretty sure Skyward Sword showed how dated the OoT formula had become by 2011 and going full whole hog into "everything is a dungeon" didn't help it.
3. Skyward Sword's motion controls were weird and occasionally unreliable on a console with the MotionPlus and a sensor bar. The Joy-Cons simply cannot get close to even that, and so many game concepts are based around intense motion control that the Joy-Cons cannot handle.

Am I the only one hoping for like, some sort of pseudo-sequel using the Wild engine? Or heck, how about a remake of the DS games? Plus, it won't be an easy port anyway. So yeah, super skeptical about this release even though I'm certain it will happen.

The Joy-Cons are way better than Wii Motion+. They can do everything Wii Motion+ can do, better. That’s not an issue whatsoever.

The sensor bar, and IR Camera/Pointer, wasn’t used for Skyward Sword. Everything was done using the gyro and accelerometers in Motion+.

My only concern is would they do it and not have it playable in handheld mode.

You had to aim with the Wii Remote in Skyward Sword, but I guess the rest might be true.

Yes but it didn’t use the Sensor Bar and IR Camera for that either.

Yeah! I thought we all knew by now that it didn't use the pointer. At first I was pretty annoyed that it didn't use the IR pointer, but I got used to it pretty fast.

Add in real controls (or at least a good way to play in handheld), scrap all of the first three dungeons of the game/make it go faster (to get to the good fun stuff after the Master Sword, and have the full boss rush available on the first run instead of just in Hero mode, and I'll buy. I found it boring as sin on a replay, but real controls would make it a lot more fun. That or some cool "Move the left joycon to move and use items, detach the right to swing" that would work fine as well.

I honestly don't blame people for disliking games but I also can't see this as the worst zelda ever when Four Swords Adventures exist. The art style clashing in such a horrendous way is already a bad sign, (why the hell did they not use the ALTTP style despite everything else looking like it) but the level design and the whole long drag it makes you go through is far worse than spending time in SS's Lanayru Desert, which for me is easily the worst part of the entire game

This is why opinions exist haha. I think Four Swords Adventures is extremely fun. Especially with 4 people if you can get them. But even in 1 player its awesome

I mean, to people who never played the first FS on GBA, the idea of a four player Zelda can be amazing, and it is, but playing FS GBA is SOOOOOOO much better as the randomized dungeons and bosses are made with the team mechanic in mind, while FSA looks and feels like an ugly ALTTP fan game. The DSiWare version is the best but that's been gone for ages...

Wow you really like that one better? Ive actually played both quite a bit. The gba/dsi one is fun, i like the randomization and stuff. But it shares one of my main complaints with triforce heroes, is that each level is contained in one room. In FSA there is a bit of story progression, more of a connected world, and you get to have area transitions, caves and the like. Im glad you like it haha, but i think FSA is much better

A no motion controls mode would be AMAZING. I hated that part of SS, but everything else was really good

Sun Nov 25 18 07:20pm
(Updated 1 time)

Skyward Sword has a lot of annoying elements that could be corrected in a remaster. I’d also like to see the “pastel painting” art style changed. It looked like a blurry mess, not a painting. Seems like a lot of work to make it into a better game, so I’m skeptical. I’d be willing to give it another shot though.

I'd rather a remake using the botw engine. Like flesh out the world a bit maybe keep the core areas intact but add some areas to explore around the core areas. Also since botw is out maybe add some hints that ties SS to botw since botw references it so hard.

Yeah if they would connect the world below so that you could get from area to area without returning to the sky, as well as expand it that would be way cool. Although if they use the botw engine(and its climbing aspects), they may as well make a sequel instead because that would take so much work to restructure the game around that.

Pass..I already played the game.


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