Ark: Survival Evolved - Switch handheld mode vs. mobile comparison

I didn't even know that Ark: Survival Evolved was available on mobile! While there are concessions on both platforms, I think we can say that the game looks a bit better and more steady on Switch. Without a doubt, I'm sure it controls better than the mobile version!

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Did they use a camera to record this? Or did they just blow it up. Because I know its lower res on Switch than the screen but that seems incredibly blown up.

Is there really a winner here? I thought initially looking at the protagonist that Switch was better but, ugh, they both look hideous. Mobile looks better in some regards, the rock textures and water effects. The docked version on Switch better look infinitely better, well fingers crossed.

Wow, the Switch version is blurrier than I expected!
It's interesting how it handles the low resolution though. It makes it look like a painting. A hideously blurry painting.

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