Switch lookalike appears in Boruto manga

Seems like someone over on the Boruto team is a fan of the Switch! While the system above isn't exactly a 1:1 representation of the Switch, there's no doubt it was inspired by Nintendo's hardware. Hey, sometimes you have to take time off from ninja training for a bit of gaming!

Thanks to Frankydlaw for the heads up!

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I read that as “Switch appears as burrito in Manga”

I thought a company called Boruto made a Switch knockoff...

Videogames exist in Naruto's world? Whatever, I stopped after Naruto Shippuden ended. Couldn't care less about Naruto's son.

Tue Nov 27 18 09:12pm
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During the time between Shippuden and Borruto, the Ninja villages opened and basically had their own "meiji" era, and technology and modernity was injected into the Ninja world. The Hidden Leaf village now house a couple of skyscrapers... and even a monorail, that Boruto LOVE to ride (of top), eating spicy burgers.

Tue Nov 27 18 04:44pm
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Playing a knockoff Super Mario Maker port, it appears!

Coming out soon in 2019

That's kinda cute how it looks like a partially opened scroll.


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