Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion art book releasing in Japan on Dec. 28th, 2018

Nintendo is cooking up another art book for the world of Splatoon 2. This latest book will focus on the Octo Expansion, and is releasing in Japan on Dec. 28th, 2018. The book will cost 2,200 Yen and has 272 pages (A4 format). Get all the available content details on this release below.

- the book is called the Inkopolis Walker
- it is presented as a fake fashion magazine
- the magazine actually appears in-game in the Deepsea Metro
- features various artworks and design docs for the Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2, and additional content for the main game
- includes two manga that were drawn as storyboards for the expansion
- offers details about fashion designer Toni Kensa
- special interview with (fictional) graffiti artists
- interview with actual developers about Squid Beatz 2
- biography of the band members of the various fictional bands
- purchase via the ebten store to get a double-sided poster, featuring all the shoes found in Splatoon 2 on one side, and a picture of Toni Kensa clothes on the other side

Games: Splatoon 2


Thanks for thinking about people outside Japan, Nintendo -_-

Still waiting for them to release that Odyssey artbook internationally

I would be too, but I gave up waiting a while ago.

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