Nintendo says they have 'no plans' to release The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on Switch 'at this time'

Eiji Aonuma made an off-hand comment at the Legend of Zelda 2018 Concert event in Japan about fans waiting for Skyward Sword to come to Switch, and the internet ran with it. Why would Aonuma make a comment like this, unless he was teasing a project in the works? Turns out it was all just wishful thinking on the part of fans. Here's what a Nintendo spokesperson had to say when asked about the potential for a Switch port of the game.

"At this time we have no plans to release The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on Nintendo Switch."


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What did you expect? If they are actually planning/developing that remake, they will announce it according to their marketing plan, and not as a reaction to some online rumors.

"At this time". Cue an announcement at The Game Awards and an immediate release following the show.

Has Nintendo ever done such kind of immediate release (except for eShop games)? I can't remember.

Maybe it will be an eShop/digital only game. If it's a fast prt, then that could be the case.

But I don't think so.

There's no way a Zelda will be eShop only. Especially since Japan prefers physical.

But I don't think so.

But the onlybway I could think so, is if it was a fast port. You know, a real fast port!

But I don't think so...

I love the technicality he inserts too. "we have no plans to release it AT THIS TIME"....but in like 4-5 months? Yeah, we intend to do that

Wed Nov 28 18 07:38am
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It's Nintendo, people. They always say something like this.

Just don't tell me EACH AND EVERY time I pick up a rupee (I wrote ruby at some time. hehe) how much it's worth.

The way it always announces the first item of a type after you load a game is the worst part of the game! It always breaks the flow.
Oh, if they patch that out it alone would earn the game the title of a ”remastered edition”!

Yeah, that would be nice. And Fi, as much as I love her, needs to learn to shut up a bit!

I love this game though. Such great combat with motion, msic, story and atmosphere/feeling... But it has it's flaws.

What did you expect? If they are actually planning/developing that remake, they will announce it according to their marketing plan, and not as a reaction to some online rumors.

Well Eiji Aonuma started the rumours 😂 so this statement could be “damage control”

He just said words, the rumor was started by twisting what he said.

A VGA announcement I can see but an immediate launch not so much...probably early next year during a quiet month.

Whatever the case I hope they really dig into the issues people have with it. Skyward Sword is an absolute gem of a game, it just needs some work for it to actually shine.

I love Skyward sword, but I'd also love to see some classic Zelda remakes. When are we going to get a remake of Links Awakening or Zelda II?

Link's Awakening got the DX treatment back in the day. Zelda 2 and the first one haven't been remade or remaster in any way. (Though Zelda 1 had the BS version which recreated it using ALttP assets).

I think they should do like with Samus Returns a collaboration with another studio. Since Zelda 2 isn't like the other Zeldas, I don't know maybe it could work as a spinoff, focusing more in being a action sidescroller, or even cinematic sidescroller.

Confirmed: Skyward Sword is coming to the 3DS!

Don't say that kind of thing! You know they'll do it!

Wed Nov 28 18 02:56pm
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Nintendo will gaslight and deflect until they make things official. If past precedent still impacts their current business strategy, then I definitely wouldn't rule out the possibility of a remake. The chance to improve some of the flaws hardware limitations put on the original vision for Skyward Sword and the perfect fit the Switch hardware is in pulling this off makes this game a perfect candidate for a remake. It was actually considered for porting over to the Wii U and was actually up and running on the hardware before they settled on Windwaker instead. https://www.vg247.com/2013/07/04/nintendo-tested-zelda-skyward-sword-twilight-princess-on-wii-u-before-choosing-wind-waker/

Remember that Majora's mask remake? Yeah, Nintendo wants their sweet time doing it.


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