Reggie shares some kind words about The Game Awards

Nintendo has, over the years, become a big part of the Game Awards. They went from hardly having a presence to revealing new content on the show. In an interview with Variety, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime shared his thoughts on the show, and why Nintendo participates.

“The show represents a global opportunity to honor the past, present and future of our industry and the unique medium we use to tell stories.”

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I don't need gameplay from Bayonetta 3, just some more info and an extended trailer. Thanks.

Sun Dec 02 18 09:23pm
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If only better people were in charge. Maybe then it would be in touch. Maybe then it wouldn't be a massive laughing stock every year.

I'm just grateful it comes every year. Since from what I've read people have to care for this to be attempted the next year. Is just when it truly doesn't bring an audience when it'll not comeback.

That's the way of entertainment, it can only die, when no one cares. Even bad publicity its publicity in the end.

I must be hanging out in a different corner of the internet, I see nothing but goodwill towards the Game Awards. I thoroughly enjoyed last year’s show.

I know right, please bring back Joel Mchale, he was the best thing to happen to video games awards ceremonies.

He left out the part about it being a small, but laughable, trainwreck every year. And like almost all awards shows, the games that get awards are often a joke.

Speaking of games....when the hell are we EVER going to hear/see/get anything about Retro's latest game, that they've literally been working on since 2014?

Well, they DID port DKC:TP. Must have been hard work.

Joke aside, it really is time to see what they are up to. But I'm not going to expect to see it from now. I'll just let myself be surprised.

I thought this site reported the rumor that they are working on a starfox racing game?

Mon Dec 03 18 07:56am
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I have played with the idea for some time now and, I mean, it COULD happen, but I'll wait for something official. Also heard a rumour that Platinum were working on an F-Zero game... So rumours are to be taken with truckloads, but sometimes planetloads, of salt.

For some reason the idea that they are making Eternal Darkness 2 once hit me and I can not et that thought out of my system since then. But, that's me (they once said they can work on multiple projects though).

Mon Dec 03 18 06:31am
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Can we get the opportunity to delete double posts?

I hope he honors the future by announcing some nice stuff Smile

Mon Dec 03 18 08:24am
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I was going to vote. I might still, but I got annoyed to see all that e-sport nonsense! Seriously: Best e-sport COACH????? GAH! Personal, I know, but I want the GAMES to be shown.

Octopath at least got some 3-4 nominees, and that's good at least.

So, yeah, for me this year's awards is all about announcements, really. And perhaps the hope that Octopath wins what the game deserves. All the categories it was in ;)

(And give me something Bayonetta 3, dammit!)


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