Meet Pikachu, the orphaned possum with a genetic mutation

An orphaned possum was born with quite the genetic mutation, giving it a much brighter color than usual. This color would make the possum a very easy target for predators in the wild. This possum was found at 5 months old, left to fend for itself with the mother nowhere to be found. Thankfully, the story gets much happier from that moment forward.

A wildlife rescue service in Melbourne, Australia has taken in the possum. They won't release it back into the wild, as its coloring is just too detrimental to the possum's chance of survival. Instead, the possum will be living out its days in comfort and safety at the wildlife rescue. Obviously because of its unique coloring, the rescue has officially named the possum Pikachu.

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Sun Dec 02 18 09:32pm
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That's the closest to "cute" a possum has ever been.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_brushtail_possum (Australia)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opossum (Americas)

The North/South American version is indeed quite ugly. But the Aussie variants are all pretty cute.

Mon Dec 03 18 10:09am
(Updated 1 time)

Both possums and opossums are cute. People who say otherwise have swallowed too much propaganda and are simply disconnected from reality.

Anyway, that's an adorable and pretty little critter. Glad she's in safe hands.

Tue Dec 04 18 01:26am
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Sorry guys but I looked it up and normal non-mutant possums are indeed be cute.

The Shiny possum in the story does have an advantage though.


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