Rapper 2 Milly suing Epic over Fortnite dances

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Can you sue over a signature dance? That's what we're all about to find out as rapper 2 Milly sues Epic. Milly claims that Fortnite's 'Swipe It' dance is copy of his “Milly Rock” dance. He's suing Epic for copyright infringement, and exploiting African American talent for profit.

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and exploiting African American talent for profit.

Oh great! Use the damn racist card to win this, eh? This is a shame, really. Also pathetic and damn cowardly a thing to do.

Yeah, I don't know why race is being brought into this, because it's irrelevant.

Because race is a very loaded subject and is a lot easier to win a case with it. It's sickening to see how many people use this to get money..Or attention.

As someone who doesn't have knowledge or taste in music, I do wonder how does music work in regards to the works they're associated.

For example I've seen games been taken out for not renewing musical rights. Do movies also have that? Also in terms of dances can they be owned? If so Michael Jackson must have had to get something from the thriller dance that I think it's still being homage until today.

In the end it's like they say, nothing is original, new works always take something from someplace and somewhere else, it's just the level of blatantness varies.

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Yes, some movies never get some rerelease because of that. Also, if a voice actor/writer/staff X that worked on a film is on strike, sometimes it blocks the movie from being rereleased or it gets altered. I live in quebec, and lot of old movies that were rereleased during a dub actors strike made it that they were all released without the french dub (the Ernest movies is a prime example)

History seems to show that you can't copyright a dance. People have been "borrowing" dances for movies, TV shows, and games for over a century. Think of how many times you're seen the "Macarena" in popular culture... They danced it in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, for crying out loud.

If a lawsuit like this were to succeed, the effects would be felt all over popular culture, not just games.

Is he any relation to Milli Vanilli? ;)

The dude actually has a case as this game stole a shit load of African (Americans) dance moves, re-packaged, then sell them off as "Original Dance moves" without giving credit and morons believing that they're they're original.

If he actually copyrighted the "dance" then he has a case. If not? Dude, common use.

I really hope 2 Milly wins this case! Epic didn't even reach out to any of these artists to use their dances, that they created to help popularize their songs.

Honestly, it's fucking lame how Epic (and other game companies, really) have been profiting off of the dances of others. I don't know if Epic has actually broken any laws by utilizing 2 Milly's dance without his permission, but it's still fucked up when you think about it. We're not talking about some tiny indie studio, we're talking about a company that has raked in over a BILLION dollars from this one game.

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