GameSpot Video - Was This Year Nintendo's Sophomore Slump?

Looking back on 2018, we chat about Nintendo's high's and low's and how it managed to survive without a strong list of exclusive Switch games.

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For me it was a major off year. I've barely played Switch since finishing Odyssey and the vast majority of my time was on PS4. However they bought enough good will with 2017 that I'm not too down on it.

I definitely enjoyed my Switch this year more.. specifically playing co-op games with my brother like Diablo3 Warframe and monster hunter..

My wallet was grateful. Plus they introduced Labo this year so that may have been a big focus for them. Next year should be very interesting to see.

It's definitely hard to follow up a year that gave us a new Zelda and Mario. I wouldn't say this was a sophomore slump so much as Nintendo not spacing out their games as well due to aiming for big holiday releases

This year has meant tons of hours into Xenoblade Chronicles 2, even though I got it at launch last year. Other than that, mostly Monster Hunter, Wolfenstein 2, Dark Souls, Celeste, Hollow Knight,Torna the Golden Country and West of Loathing. I wish I had the time to play Octopath Traveller, Mega Man 11, Undertale and... a lot more honestly. I'm so happy I get to play these games handheld, otherwise not much would have been played.

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