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It's on 93% so far from 33 reviews, which is great. There's some reviews I'll read and trust their opinion. Then there's one in particular I won't be reading, they're listed above, as they can't be trusted, they're the most biased site around and a lot of people know it. I can predict what their score will be, 100%. It was decided as soon as the game was announced. I'll read EDGE, IGN, GameXplain, NWR, Eurogamer and 1 or 2 others.

NintendoLife? They’re withholding scoring it until online is available.

I know they haven't scored it yet. But you can be sure they'll give it 10/10. They'll be quick about it too, they'll want to make the Accolades Trailer for the game.

What did I tell you? They put up the score earlier today. NintendoDeath are so predictable, a sham and a joke of a site. Like I need to say it, they gave it 10/10.

For some one who professes to hate a site you do sure talk about them quite often and admit visiting said site just as much.

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