Professional Smash Bros. Melee/Wii U players were part of the play-testing and quality assurance team for Smash Bros. Ultimate

Well that's a pretty interesting find! The credits for Smash Bros. Ultimate show some very interesting people among the play-testing and quality assurance team. You can find mentions of 9B, aMSa, Ranai and Earth, all of which are Smash Bros. Melee or Wii U professional players. Looks like Nintendo wanted to make sure they had things feeling just right for Smash Bros. Ultimate!


Now THIS is teally cool. Like the wait for this game wasn't hard enough...

They had an easy job in more ways than one.

Ranai? He and his Villager practically retired from Smash 4 somewhat early. I guess he's coming back for Ultimate? Smile

Thu Dec 06 18 07:32pm
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And none of them reported the broken ledges on Lylat, handcuffs with Olamar, the broken framerates on Fountain of Dreams, or any other of the list of bugs people with leaked versions found within hours of playing?

Did they all just "test" with only Fox on Final Destination or something?

Looks like someone is still unsatisfied


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