Teaser for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie shown at São Paulo Comic-Con

I think we're all pretty interested in seeing what the Sonic the Hedgehog movie turns out like. We've seen the logo and some behind-the-scenes pics, but we're hungry for more! While we have to hold tight, Paramount revealed a sneak peak during their presentation at the Comic Con Experience in São Paulo, Brazil.

While we don't have footage or pics, we do have a few details. The teaser showed a version of Sonic that is recognizable to fans, but with a slightly more realistic approach. Picture how Pikachu looks in games versus the Detective Pikachu movie. The teaser continued on with Sonic running and breaking the sound barrier.

That's all the info we have right now, but we'll be sure to bring you more if it becomes available.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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I can’t wait for that Robotnik reveal

I can't honestly say what Sonic looks like, as I don't know, but we provided a lot of paint and other materials for this movie while it was filming as I work at a paint store in the Vancouver area that is well situated among a lot of the local studios. Early on in filming before they had their regular woman in charge of of the paint and set building department pick up product they had one guy in who was more on the effects side of things. He started talking about the character model they had for Sonic and that it looked very, very good. He claimed it was pretty accurate to the games.


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