Smash Bros. Ultimate is already Amazon's #1 best-seller in video games for 2018

Want some insight into just how big the latest Smash Bros. game is in terms of popularity? Amazon has updated their best-selling games list for 2018, and we have a new #1. Smash Bros. Ultimate has already taken the top spot for the entire year! The game just launched today, and is already dominating. Now that's one hell of an achievement!


That's a very ominous sign. Ultimate sales incoming.

That's a pretty big deal when you consider games like Red Dead Redemption and Spider-man have launched this year and had some time to sell.

And God of War and Monster Hunter World...there have been a ton of heavy hitters this year and yet Smash smashed them all. Wild.

Indeed. It's been a one heck of a year.

Monday should come sooner! I need this Smash!

I doubt this game alone will sell 20 million switch units.

Right... Because they didn't sell any consoles at all before this game came out..

I'm not saying that it won't sell consoles. Its bound to sell. I just doubt that it will reach the expected sales that Nintendo expects the Switch to sell by the end of this fiscal year.


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