Log Jammers hitting Switch Jan. 2019

Find some flannel and pack your adrenaline for online or on-the-couch action!

Log Jammers is an energetic competitive arcade sports game featuring axe-throwing, blade-catching action with a retro vibe in the vein of Windjammers. Unique character abilities, funky arenas, and trash-talking timber beasts will keep you chopping!


Slam your axe into your opponent’s goal in fast-paced blade tossing carnage!
Activate powerups to set your blade ablaze or cover your opponent in slippery oil!
Grab the star to unleash each character’s unique special throw!
Choose a timber beast with a level of speed, technique, and swoleness that suits your play style!
Jam out in funky arenas like a mayonnaise factory spill, 80s hell, and a peaceful beaver pond!
Get to know colorful characters, like Bruiser Bogardus, the strong man who makes exercise equipment out of wood, or the Mayonnaise Monsoon, a bloated corpse who died in an industrial accident
Revel in victory as your lumberjack trash talks your vanquished opponent!

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