Katamari Damacy REROLL takes top spot on Switch eShop-only charts in the UK

We were all a bit worried about Katamari Damacy REROLL not finding an audience due to launching the same day as Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it seems our friends in the UK were paying close attention. The game has debuted at spot #1 on the Switch eShop-only charts! It also did quite well in the overall eShop charts, where it placed 4th below Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Pokemon: Let's Go.

Thanks to James for the heads up!


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Sun Dec 09 18 04:05pm
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No retail options helped a ton but that's still very good news for a game which has never been a million seller.

"Katamari is dead if it launches same day as Smash" is what everyone said. Well not only does this prove me right to trust in Katamari, but also shows the fact that people can often buy multiple games in a day, and that more unique games can sell themselves against traditional bigger releases.

Plus in the US, with SOME retail sales it's still #8, that's behind Smash, 2 Pokémon games, on sale Mario Odyssey, Skyrim, and overcooked 2.

Edit: Update, its now #7 on the US eshop ahead of Overecooked 2!

I wonder if if releasing on the same day as smash actually gave it more exposure. Not everyone checks the eshop on weekly basis and it got to share the top of the page with the most popular game if the year.

There is that and 100% of Switch owners buy new games the day they buy a Switch, most continue but not all do. Buying a Switch the day smash releases and checking the eShop the day they got their Switch, people were guaranteed to see Katamari, gave it a lot more exposure and sales opportunities. Plus its 2018 and a lot of people by multiple games at once anyways.

I think that having a demo available helped it a lot, also.
I was not interested in the game at all. But after playing the demo, I got SURE that sometime I’d buying it. Its more fun than I remember!


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