Brock might have found his true love in the next episode of the Pokemon anime

If you've spent any time watching hte Pokemon anime series, you likely know that Brock is always out to find a girl who will show him affection. He tends to become obsessed with women who want nothing to do with him. It appears his luck might be changing in the next episode of the anime, as you can see in the spot above. The woman showing Brock some attention is Olivia, and she definitely seems pretty smitten!

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Eeeeeeyeah, we all know it won't last.

But what about Professor Ivy? She was Brock's first true love.

You know we must never speak of that time. Brock was SO traumatized after running away from her. :X

Cooking is, and always will be, Brocks true love.

So is pike queen Lucy coming back?

Nice try Pokémon anime. Everybody knows that you’ll never commit.

Only when Ash win a pokémon league will Brock get a wife


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