Digital Foundry Retro - Resident Evil 2 N64 port analyzed

I'll never forget when Resident Evil 2 was announced for the N64. I thought it was a big deal back then, and I still think it is now! I never actually played the port, as I had already played the game on the Playstation. I heard very good things, but never really took a deep dive into the title. Now I can get the full details and expert analysis, thanks to Digital Foundry!

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I loved that game, bought it back on the N64. I would really like to play the Remake on Nintendo hardware. I don't know if Switch is capable of running it or if Capcom are bothered. I don't want a gimped version, hopefully there's a new and improved Switch model released next year.

I honestly think Switch could run the remake of RE2. Albeit at 30fps and a dynamic resolution. The cutscenes are gorgeous but the gameplay isn't really anything to write home about visually. I think Panic Button could knock it out of the park but I feel like Capcom are still a bit bullish on the switch despite the success they've had.

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