Wandersong - Version 1.0.4 now available (full patch notes)

Version. 1.0.4 for Wandersong is now available to grab on Switch, and it brings a ton of fixes with it. Check out the patch notes below.

Get stuck when going to band break room after Act 2 concert
Soft lock when loading first screen of Act 5 castle
Rare error message and crash during Act 2 performance
Catterfly can follow you past where her battle ends
Crash when talking to Captain Lucas from the left in the pirate bar
3-ghost boss can scale strangely after battle is over
Unstable collisions and beat-tracking at low framerate
Unstable scene transition at end of Act 3 dungeon
Infinite loop entering pirate ship after encounter on boat
Possible to skip bridge scene in Act 5
Act 5 map missing information after completing main quest
Possible to sneak through the end of Act 5 spirit world without initiating encounter
Possible to lose Audrey in escape scene
Endless cut-scene loop in same scene
Typos + some dialogue tweaked
Unable to progress if the game is closed and re-opened directly after the climax
Some characters wouldn’t interact in Act 7 in certain conditions
Certain (minor) permanent choices were erased by Scene Select
Post-game secret had some missing prompts/would keep emitting light when disabled
Act 4: able to progress story without officially recruiting characters
Act 5: optional leaf on map appears to be required to progress story
Act 6: birds don’t always respawn
Act 6: wind changing directions a bit futzy in one segment
Act 6: softlock with Audrey during bug sequence
Act 6: A set of jumps are very high and a bit difficult
Post-game: Gabe can’t be interacted with
Act 3: Able to jump over certain room exit
Act 5: Infinite hug
Act 6: Birds don’t launch very far
Act 6: Birds STILL don’t always respawn
Act 6: Partner character’s pathing not great on low framerates
Act 6: Some platforming near the end is a bit high for the bard’s jump height on some framerates
Act 7: Reloading the big confrontation would have some heads swapped
Post-game: Scene select animated to frames and not deltatime
General: The D-Pad doesn’t register multiple notes when playing the same one multiple times
General: Screen blinks/flashes on some machines when changing volume in Options
Act 2: Accordion ghost duet can take an unusually long time to advance (please double check, I think this is fixed…)
Act 3: Crash when interacting with a character after throwing coffee but before Captain Lucas reacts
Act 4: Peter can sometimes be interacted with after expending all of his dialogue
Act 4: Crash when interacting with coal while holding something else
Act 5: STILL possible to miss scene on bridge outside of lumber town
Act 6: Stuck in pass-through wall near beginning of Seal section
Small typos in dialogue
Act 1: Rare broken spawn in Langtree
Act 3: Rare broken spawn near Calliope’s house
Act 4 spirit world: Broken animation when respawning from a certain spike in a certain area
Act 6: Possible to trap pushable rock and block progress
Act 6: Rare broken spawn after throne room
Act 6: Small physics change to help keep Audrey from getting stuck
General: typos and small text adjustments
Act 2: Rare broken spawn near the cemetery
Act 2: Occasional crashing on a 2nd playthrough of Delphi if you completed the Sue sidequest in a previous run
Act 6: Adjusted some path nodes to make the AI character more consistent

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