Japanese Smash Bros. Ultimate players are making inappropriate screenshots with Diddy Kong

First we have the Peach dress fiasco over the weekend, and now this! Japanese Smash Bros. Ultimate players have taken to putting Diddy Kong in some rather lewd situations in the game. They set up scenes that look terribly inappropriate, take a screenshot, and then send it out into the Twitterverse. To be completely honest, some of these screens come across as extremely indecent, so we won't be posting them here.


Mon Dec 10 18 04:33pm
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The Japanese are savage

I didn't see anything bad in the link, but of course it's the Japanese up to no good.

I haven't seen any of them but I bet their hilarious. Sakurai gave the DK crew (DK, Diddy, and Rool) some of the best comical faces in the game. If I didn't know any better I'd say some Rare developers helped him on their feel. lol

Calling it, next year's the Rise of the Kremlings and Racing! 🤞

God I can only hope....

Pffft, I've been calling it since before E3 that these things were gonna happens, I need it to happens.

well...yeah, of course this stuff is done.

This is news to anybody?

Mon Dec 10 18 05:39pm
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It’s not just the Japanese. I’ve made some messed up shovel with screenshot tools. Smile

Uhm... We all knew this was going to happen, so let the madness commence! Smile

Those are hysterical!

Every day we stray from the Lord's light....

Samus is hot? That surprises me considering that she's always stuck with the zero suit.

Tue Dec 11 18 05:29am
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Dude, stop encouraging this overly politically correct and overly sensitive mentality in the world. It's a bunch of computer characters in some silly, suggestive, and funny poses. It's harmless fun. Kids will just laugh at it and little more. Once we start acting like it's somehow dangerous to children and public health or something like that, we start creating problems that simply don't exist--and that is a problem.

Fri Dec 14 18 11:04am
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I honestly have to agree here. Of course real rape and sexual assault is bad and shouldn't be encouraged, but to completely shy away from silly fun on fictional characters will have averse effects of its own. If we act like these screenshots are some of the worst things, we are nurturing this culture where anything is terrible.

The other day in another community, I mentioned it's okay for a guy to tell a girl she looks good and invite her out. This was quickly labeled as assault and I was chewed out for that. This is the kind of culture we're going toward if we're being this sensitive even toward silly screenshots of fictional female characters.

It also reminds me a bit of a double standard, because I recall from E3 2017 that it was completely okay for girls to undress Link in BotW and exclaim how sexy he looks. ...Which I think is okay! But it should be equally okay for female characters

Fri Dec 14 18 02:08pm
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Totally agree with you, especially how ridiculous is it that guys can't even just comment that a girl is attractive these days without some ignorant numpties getting all up in arms.

This is one of the funniest elements of smash since the first game. On the first 5 minutes of gameplay I got a similar screenshot by doing nothing (classic mode), so it's no surprise.

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