Sakurai reveals when Smash Bros. Ultimate started development, ponders when another installment in the franchise could release

As usual, Masahiro Sakurai has another feature in this week's issue of Famitsu. Here's some of the tidbits he shared this time around.

- development of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate officially kicked off in February 2016
- Sakurai never thought of designing two different layouts for stages in docked or handheld modes
- redesigning stage visuals and presentation for two modes would have caused quite a delay in development time
- Sakurai thinks it might be nice to see a successor to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in 10 years


See this is rubbish. Ultimate was a continuation and evolution of the Wii U version. And 10 years before we see the next Smash Bros? Highly unlikely it'll be anywhere near that long. I suppose he says it might be nice if it happens but it's still most likely unlikely.

I suppose you're right, but it seems like an Herculean task making one without taking elements from the previous two.

And as we saw with Street Fighter V or Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, it can be tricky to make needed cuts in order to realistically make the next entry. Also it makes me wonder even if they could make it bigger, is there a point where it's too bloated or have passed that point?

Just like the CoD games and FIFA games are. Still looked at as sequels because of content and further working on the engines and the content they had. Same here.

If there will be a reboot for Smahs, the I guess without Sakurai.

10 years... Wow!! My kids are going to play the next Smash in their high school.[img][/img]

Does that imply a 5 year development period?

Since I don't know how or what they'll do for the next one. Everything feels like it's calling for a reboot of the series in gameplay, presentation and roster.

Hes trying to say he has to start from scratch on the next game?

Not exactly that, but he has said, with Wii U it was the first time a dedicated team was made, since every other time they build a new team for every new iteration. Also he's said that Ultimate is the only time they could assemble the whole roster (not sure if it's in regards to development, third party relations and legality issues, or all three).

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Ten years? Lawl. I've said it before and I'll say it again. This series will go on with or without Sakurai. Nintendo is not going to let this cash cow go that long without a new entry... unleeeeess Smash Ultimate becomes more of a platform that is continually updated with DLC and bringing in revenue. Oh, I'd like that.

10 for the next game seems fair considering the amount of content this game already has.

Ten is not at all irrational especially since this game is going to be supported with at least another year of DLC and there's literally no reason for the Switch to be discontinued any time soon because it's destroying the competition by significant margins. The SNES and Wii were six years and we're wrapping up year two with the Switch, suggesting a successor probably wouldn't come until 2022 at the earliest. If a new Smash is announced earlier than 2024, I will be genuinely surprised.

Good I hope Smash takes a 10 year hiatus after this game. I dont see myself getting tired of this game anytime soon. Not to mention give the series a little rest. Because while I love Ultimate its nothing that new and exciting gameplay wise.


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