Fan-made Hand-Drawn Ninja Gaiden Guide & Art Book releases tonight at midnight

Pay what you want for this Hand-Drawn Ninja Gaiden Guide & Art Book based on the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game. This book is fully illustrated and written out by hand. It contains maps of all 6 Acts, artwork for every enemy and character, Journal Entries that compliment the game's story sequences, character profiles, full page art spreads, tips, secrets and more! Enjoy!

This book comes from Philip Summers, a name that might be familiar to long-time GoNintendo readers. Phil worked on the absolutely amazing 'Read Only Memory' series for us, which you can check out here.

Phil's work on this Ninja Gaiden book is absolutely top-notch. I've been pouring through it for the last few days, and it's chock-full of fantastic content. Amazing visuals, some really interesting takes on Ninja Gaiden lore, and attention to detail like none other. You can grab a copy for yourself tonight at midnight for the price of...whatever you want!

This book is coming out at the perfect time, as Nintendo is adding Ninja Gaiden to their Switch Online NES collection on Dec. 13th, 2018! Grab the guide book and check out the game all at the same time!


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