Super Robot Wars T dated for Asia, preorder bonuses revealed

Super Robot Wars T is launching March 20th, 2019 in Japan, and now we know it'll be launching the same date in Asia. Check out the preorder bonuses below.

Bonus #1: Special Scenario “Chapter 0: Proposal No. T1023”

Immerse yourself in the world by playing “Chapter 0: Proposal No. T1023,” the prequel to Chapter 1 of the Super Robot Wars T main story! Clearing it awards:

50,000 funds
500 TacP (Tactical Points)
Power Part VTX Employee Guidelines (Max SP +20; main pilot recovers 10 SP each turn)

Bonus #2: Present Scenario “Special Starter Pack”

A Present Scenario to acquire useful Power Parts and funds in early-game!

Clearing it awards:

100,000 funds
1,000 TacP (Tactical Points)
Power Parts Quark Boost (Movement +1; weapon damage +200; Range +1 for all non-MAP, non-Range 1 weapons) and Force Reactor (Morale +10 when sortied)

Bonus #3: Special Original Mech “Gespenst” from early game

Redeem the code before Chapter 2 of the Super Robot Wars T main story to play a special scenario featuring the Gespenst and acquire useful Power Parts early-game!

Clearing it awards:

Power Parts Striker-T (weapon damage +100; HIT +20; Critical +20) and Defender-T (Max HP +500; Max EN +50; Armor +100; Mobility +15)


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