Sonic the Hedgehog movie writer tells fans to relax

As you well know, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been getting bombarded with anger and confusion after the initial reveal of the animated poster. It seems backlash for the sneak-peek visuals have been almost universally bashed, and fans are wondering just how in the world these decisions were made. That negativity has not escaped the team working on the film, and one person attached to the project has spoken up.

Patrick Casey is a co-writer for the film's screenplay, and he's taken to Twitter to share some quick thoughts. It's obvious he doesn't want to jeopardize his job or attachment to the project, so he kept his words short and vague.

As you can probably guess, even this two-word response was met with backlash from fans. It's very clear that the path ahead for the Sonic movie is going to be quite the bumpy road. The debut trailer is going to have to work wonders to turn things around.

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The equivalent of pouring oil on a fire.

I'll relax by not buying a ticket.

Wed Dec 12 18 04:36pm
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You just don’t tell hysterical people to relax

The equivalent of pouring oil on a fire.

I want to feel bad for Sega, who technically didn't make this movie but is watching it anger their fanbase. However, I recall that Sega simply handed House of the Dead over to Uwe Boll and said "Go nuts", so I feel like they should have learned their lesson.

Nintendo, you dodged the Wreck It Ralph 2 bullet. Make sure you keep a close eye on Illumination, because they make some VERY pedestrian movies.

If the Mario film becomes a flop, they would rather delist it.

Is it too late into production to just abort this abomination?

I'd like it to at least be one of those movies that is so bad, even in a self aware manner, that it is actually a lot of fun, but it's probably just going to be regular awful.

I mean, people arent going to see the film because is going to be a masterpiece, they are going to see it because they expect it to be "so bad is good" which i think is kinda stupid, that will only make sega and paramount doesnt care for the future.

Dont reward stupidity people!

Wed Dec 12 18 10:26pm
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"Just relax", huh?

You can tell THIS guy isn't married, huh? Right, guys? Eh? Eh?

...Fine, I'm leaving, I'm leaving.

Wed Dec 12 18 11:19pm
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Patrick Casey

Never trust someone with two first names. 😒

...you realise telling people to relax just pisses them off further right?


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