Sakurai discusses Smash Bros. Ultimate's World of Light inspiration, says he's unsure he can ever top Smash Bros. Ultimate

Our friends at Source Gaming have poured through another Weekly Famitsu feature from Masahiro Sakurai. Not surprisingly, Sakurai is focusing completely on the launch of Smash Bros. Ultimate. There's a wealth of knowledge over at the full feature, but we've pull these two tidbits for you to check out.

World of Light

- inspired by a sequence towards the end of Brawl’s Subspace Emissary
- this scene shows all the characters vanishing
- Sakurai thought that it would be more impactful to start with a great disaster

Smash Bros. Ultimate's successor

- if Nintendo requests a successor, Sakurai will make it a priority
- he doesn’t know for sure that Nintendo will ask him to create another installment in the future
- Sakurai figures that when the next Nintendo hardware comes about, a request for another Smash will be made
- Sakurai doesn’t know how he will top Smash Bros. Ultimate
- “everyone is here” coming together was a miracle, and will probably only happen this one time
- there’s no guarantee of everyone coming together again as there are many moving parts and approvals that need to happen


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Wed Dec 12 18 04:31pm
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I sincerely hope that he gets a very long and overdue vacation before his next project (hopefully something that he isn’t told to work on)!

I don't know how you top Smash Bros. Ultimate, either. Hopefully that's something time can tell us, since we'll probably be in the next generation of hardware when it happens. Maybe it calls for drastic changes, like the latest Zelda game. Who knows?

Offhand though, I can at least say I don't need 70+ fighters. I won't mind if everybody isn't there in the next game and they whittle the roster down to the most important ones. Personally, I'd cut a lot of the Pokemon and Fire Emblem characters that were just there to represent the latest game.

That's the thing, I think any cut will be taken negatively. Also assuming they add new characters, we'll have complaints about deserving the place or not and the like.

The same could be said about stages. Will it be better reuse some and redesign others; like having a same stage from another angle like Smashville be on the plaza or rooftops?

I think they can still experiment with the adventure mode, so no problem there. Classic or something similar will likely stay. Maybe adding new minigames and returning Home Run contest will be the way to go.

In short, like Sakurai said, there's a lot of moving pieces. It seems overwhelming from what angle they'll take the next one.

I think that we're going to see a true reboot next.

If they just continously updated the game for the next decade I'd never ask for anything else again.

I’d have no issue with this. Just release a couple of new characters and stages a year, treat it as a platform instead of a game that’s done after the season pass is done.

Feel the same way about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

If they are going to treat it as a platform, they need to do more than just character and stage additions. Even with smash 4 DLC it felt like decreasing returns if you were already done with the game. And I feel absolutely the same way about Mario kart 8, new tracks isn't going to make me play it again as if it's a new game. They need to make it an online service in that instance.

Yes so much to this!

I thought Smash Wii U was nigh on perfect but then came Ultimate. Lack of trophies is honestly my only gripe, I’m having an ace time with it.

With how successful Ultimate is already there’s no doubt Nintendo will want another for their next console. I’d just honestly rather see Sakurai work on something else, large scale like KI:U or small like Meteos. He’s a creative guy; it’d be a shame to see him take a break and come back to do Smash again after doing 2 in a row in the space of 4 years between releases. I don’t think too many would be opposed to see him take more of a backseat as an executive producer and let someone else take the reins? As much as I adore Ultimate, it would be refreshing to see what things could be like under someone else’s direction.

As much as I adore Ultimate, it would be refreshing to see what things could be like under someone else’s direction.

It'll be interesting, though it's a wild card, on how people feel about new management. I mainly worry the next one falls under the same issues Street Fighter V and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite fell. Little content at the start, issues with presentation, lack of modes at the start, grinding, and likely people will be hesitant to see character packs, since it's unlikely the next Smash will have as many characters.

IMO, it's a little difficult to be nigh on perfect, when you lack any sort of Adventure Mode whatsoever, and kick the Ice Climbers to the curb. Both for incredibly silly reasons.

Also, while Ultimate is certainly better than the subtitleless Wii U entry, I still personally think Brawl had a better Adventure mode.

I think that Sakurai dude found the fountain of youth or something. The dude still looks like a teenager!

It's his race. My wife is Asian and we are the same age and people think I'm her dad. I'm not bald or fat and we are 31 with a 4 year old lol.

Wed Dec 12 18 08:13pm
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Did he just confirm that he will come back for the inevitable sequel? That's definitely awesome!

I'd really prefer that they just keep Ultimate around for a long time and keep it fresh through DLC, especially as he is warning us that we will lose characters in a ground-up sequel. What we have is already amazing, so there's really no need to make a full blown sequel until much more powerful Nintendo hardware is on the market.

At this point, I wouldn't mind a full reboot with half the roster and entirely new characters.

Haters be damned.

Wed Dec 12 18 11:27pm
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“everyone is here” coming together was a miracle, and will probably only happen this one time
RIP Pichu.

he doesn’t know for sure that Nintendo will ask him to create another installment in the future
Narrator: They will.


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