Peach Ball: Senran Kagura - yet another round of screens

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I would love to know what pinball fans think of this game. I want to hear from the people who snatch up every pinball collection on Switch. Is this another title you're eagerly awaiting, or does it creep you out too much?!


I'm supposed to shoot the ball up her hoo-ha?

Insert balls joke here.

There's no reason for anyone to say it "creeps" them out. This is a major problem we have in current times with everyone basically vilifying anything even remotely suggestive or whatever. Unless we're looking at actual porn or abuse or violence or anything breaking the law or stuff like, please stop forcing your world view onto others by insidiously using language that paints things are certain way according to how you specifically might think of them. Men are supposed to find woman sexually appealing, and having a little bit of innocent fun with that is something we need to stop making a deal out of and making people feel bad about enjoying. Enough!

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