RUMOR - Nintendo Switch Online shop might replace Nintendo eShop in the future

Yesterday, Nintendo of America announced that they are suing a man for pirated NES Classics and Nintendo Switch systems. While most is pretty straightforward, there is a surprising line in the legal paperwork. In it, they say the following: ''Nintendo Switch users can purchase games either digitally from the official Nintendo Switch Online shop (formerly Nintendo eShop) or in physical copies...''

Now is the question: is Nintendo planning to overhaul the name and maybe even the look of the store? It certainly doesn't relate to the web based store, which is simply named the ''Nintendo Game Store'' in America and the ''My Nintendo Store'' everywhere else. We are marking this as a rumor, simply because Nintendo hasn't announced any plans relating to this. That being said, it must be pretty firm if it's in a legal document.

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Wed Dec 12 18 08:41pm
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Why though? eShop has a nice, unified name and branding for "buying anything related to Nintendo video games." Why would they want to make Switch's a separate entity?

If it's just a name change, lame.

Store overhaul? Unlame.

Wed Dec 12 18 08:41pm
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Why though? eShop has a nice, unified name and branding for "buying anything related to Nintendo video games." Why would they want to make Switch's a separate entity?

maybe because the layout is horrendous so far and it feels nowhere near as good as the 3DS/Wii U eShop and thus they want to make them stand out?

Wed Dec 12 18 10:21pm
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While I agree that the Wii U eshop was nicely layed out by comparison... the 3DS version was hot garbage and the Switch's store is much better in comparison.

The 3DS eShop was painful to dig through. The Wii U was cool, had fun music but it was slow and oddly catagorized. I like the Switch eShop because it's super zippy and has better search options. Shopping for games should be simple and as painless as possible and shouldn't make you want to stay there for any extra time than to just buy the game.

Actually I liked the categories better on the Wii U's eShop because it allowed for people to discover certain games easier. In the Switch's eShop a lot of games get burried under a bunch of new games and you never would know they were even there. Heck, I didn't even realize Youtube was available for the Switch! I went to the eshop and couldn't even find it. I had to type it out. How would anyone even know it's on there unless someone told them?

Wed Dec 12 18 10:34pm
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At least it loads in a few seconds and isn't filled with ads, unlike PSN.
The one online thing Nintendo has going over Sony at this point XD

Nintendo's online data wasnt hacked like Sony either.

And unlike Sony Nintendo doesn't automatically save your credit card information
On their servers which have been hacked
During which credit card information was stolen.

They either think customers are stupid and confused about it, or they'll use it as a way to say 'your stuff doesn't carry over' in the future.

Maybe they are changing it to switch online because they are planning to ditch the wii u and 3ds soon and want to completly seperate the switch from the past. Also it's easier to run a online netflix like service called nintendo switch online service that way. It's also better to have one name instead of playstation store, playstation now or xbox store, windows store, games with gold, xbox game pass. One name, one service, one straight forward marketing name.

Good point. With the Wii Shop officially being cut at the end of January I can't see the Wii U being around that much longer considering how few people have one but the Wii shop is almost 14 years old at this point so who knows.

I will say that I notice a bit of lag on the switch eShop. Hopefully future updates fix that.

It slows to a crawl if you have a game open at the time too.

If the current eShop gets overhauled and the online store better resembles Japan's MyNintendo store it would be a very welcome change. Also would be of note to point out this also signals more of Nintendo's commitment to a single platform future for the people who are still doubting that.

As an aside, it's funny how when you post in a story from a forum thread to a main site like GN and then watch other gaming sites latch onto it. I see my nemesis of course leeching on it and dividing it in two, I'm only surprised they reacted so fast, for once.

I, too don't see why they need to change the name of the eShop, it works perfectly fine. Chopping and changing isn't a good idea.

Thu Dec 13 18 05:00am
Rating: 2

They're not changing it. Nintendo Switch Online is currently the service which "sells" NES games. Previously, it was the eShop.


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