RUMOR - A third, old Sonic the Hedgehog movie poster may have surfaced

Now here's a poster we cannot verify as real at this time. Rumor has it that this poster was first put together when the cast and other details were first being worked on, but obviously a lot has changed since then. You can tell right off the bat that Sonic's design here is very different. I have to say, I don't dislike this design as much as I do the current design. I can't say I like this, but I definitely don't find it as offensive.

Thanks to Magitroopa for the heads up!

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That design doesn't look bad at all.

I could have gone with this design. It's far from perfect but with a couple iterations in the same direction it could be the best possible compromise.

I can't say I like this, but I definitely don't find it as offensive.

High praise there.

I just wish they would understand it's all about speed, chili dogs and Jaleel White.

Did someone try to do an Ugandan Knuckles out of Sonic with this?

I find that design entirely within the realm of "acceptable". Crazy to think they've gone so far off the deep end, and we can tell from just the silhouette.

That design actually looks decent though it looked like Sonic packed away a little too many chili dogs...lol

Thu Dec 13 18 03:01pm
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I could live with this, even if something about it is giving me woody woodpecker flashbacks.

Too bad they dropped acid and came up with... whatever the hell we're gonna get instead.

While the design isn't horrible, I don't think it's legit.

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