RUMOR - Leaked Sonic the Hedgehog movie info shows who Paramount was originally considering for the roles of Sonic and Sheriff Tom

James Marsden and Ben Schwartz are taking on the roles of Tom the cop and Sonic respectively in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Now we have a rumored sheet of actors that were considered for the roles before these two actors were signed. We actually did hear rumors of Chris Pratt months and months ago, but that obviously didn't pan out. There's definitely some other high-profile actors who were being considered when the project originally started, but hopefully the two people chosen can bring the movie to life.

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Thu Dec 13 18 12:48pm
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"We need somebody who can make the audience immediately despise Sonic."

"..How about Jim Parsons?"

Yeah, really. I love Jim Parsons to death, but to say his voice as Sonic would have been unsuitable would be the understatement of the year.

Thu Dec 13 18 01:42pm
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I could actually see Charlie Day working as the voice of Sonic if they wanted to harken back to the Jaleel White days.

Jaleel White is still alive and would be perfect.

Once again, you've fallen for one of my classic pranks. Bazinga!

Why not Ryan...the original voice for Sonic?

If this is real and I was involved with this I would be kinda worried that apparently the characters of the Sheriff and Sonic are identical enough that 3 of the names are the same on both lists.

No movie should have two characters that could both be played by Chris Pratt. (~_~)


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