Onimusha: Warlords - info on the Dark Realm and Flourite

Want some details to go along with the Onimusha: Warlords screens and videos we shared earlier today? We've got you covered! Check out info on the Dark Realm and Flourite below.

Dark Realm

- a hive of monsters that spans many floors
- multiple strong monsters await
- sizable rewards will be available if you complete the challenge
- enter this realm by asking a mysterious old man you meet along the way
- the Issen counter skill will be very useful when tackling the Dark Realm, as defeating enemies with it drops health pickups
- at the end of each room, two lights will appear
- one light lets you exit, and one takes you deeper into the dungeon
- as you keep going deeper, monsters will continue to get stronger
- if you decide to exit, you must start over, but you'll retain all the goodies you collected up to that point


- collect a certain amount of these stones and beat the game to unlock new outfits and minigames
- you usually can’t see where Fluorite is hidden
- with a special item, you can see them easily as they’ll flash

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