Jimmy Kimmel has parents do the 'I Turned Off the TV During Fortnite' challenge

Jimmel Kimmel's challenges for parents have finally bled over to the world of video games. This time around, Jimmy Kimmel challenged parents to turn off the TV while their kids were playing Fortnite, with no warning or explanation. A little too mean-spirited for me, but at least some kids take it in stride.

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Can someone explain the reason behind this? Looks like filming yourself destroying what your kid built with Lego and posting it on YouTube... what's the point? How can it be worth destroying the trust between you and your child to get some attention on YouTube?

Can someone explain the reason behind this? Looks like filming yourself destroying what your kid built with Lego and posting it on YouTube... what's the point? How can it be worth destroying the trust between you and your child to get some attention on YouTube?

Fri Dec 14 18 07:47am
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First off wow "destroying the trust between you and your child" is the silliest dumb thing I've read all week, and I've been lurking on NeoGAF 2.0. Secondly it's turning the TV off not the console, so whatever they're doing is still there most kids would initially freak out then laugh while turning the TV back on. It's funny.

I mean that if you constantly prank your kids they will become suspicious of you, and that's not the kind of relationship you want with them. If the only point is that it's funny, thanks for letting me know.

Fri Dec 14 18 09:25am
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most kids would initially freak out the an laugh while turning the TV back on.

Way more kids would certainly be more upset over it than find it funny. Especially if they were in the middle of something. I know for a fact that I'd have told whoever turned the T.V off to get the hell out of my room at any age.

I didn't watch the video, as I don't care about this guy at all, but I know that I can't stand when people do stuff like this. By which I mean - desperately trying to cash in on a meme and trying to pass it off as entertainment.... on television...

Yeah I find that to be garbage, yet I pull the same sorta pranks on the kids I work with every day and 89% rate of smiles. I was that weird child then, I'd get mad and yell for like a second then giggle when turning the game back on cause I paused. Shouldn't be a segment on T. V. though.

Fri Dec 14 18 12:04pm
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Jimmy Kimmel has a long history of asking parents to prank their kids and record the reaction. The pranks sometimes cause their children to cry (at least momentarily, before the parents end the prank). One of his most famous ones is having parents tell their kids that they ate all of their Halloween candy, and record them starting to cry or throw fits.

I'm not a fan at all. Pranks are fun, but there's a certain level of trust and dependence kids have on their parents that makes these pranks feel extra mean-spirited.

It'd be worse if it were a game that actually contributed to their child's growth. And by that I mean games parents actually spent time researching games not garbage.

Fri Dec 14 18 08:03am
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Won’t anyone think of the children!

These kids have it easy. My mom used flip the circuit breaker to kill power to the entire room where we had the SNES hooked up to make us get off it 😂

And no, the trust between me and my mother was not broken. She was doing the right thing, we were disobedient little shovels. At least we didn’t react like these kids though. Christ some of them need more than just the TV turned off for a few seconds.

Sure, but turning it off because you have decided that they're not allowed to play is of course not a problem. You probably already knew you weren't allowed to play, right? Also, if your kids need to do other things than playing Fortnite, it's of course not a problem to just not allow them to play, and turn off the TV. You're the adult, right? But I think you should be careful about messing with your kids just to get a laugh out of it, that's all.

Yes I agree the difference between my experience is that it wasn’t being done as a joke. I still think this is harmless, if a one time thing. My mom maybe killed power to our console twice, possibly three times in decades.
Sure if a parent does this every day that’s a problem.
Most of the kids reactions in the video are uncalled for and some even got violent. There are bigger issues there than just turning off a TV.

Fri Dec 14 18 09:14am
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Im with you guys on this. What a great way to show your kid that you totally dont care about what they like to do in their free time. Jimmy Kimmel just is not funny. Sorry to all who think the sun shines out of his tukkus, but no. Just no.

It would’ve been funny if one of the guys just undocked their Switch after the TV was off

I've always hated Jimmy Kimmel. He's just not very funny.

I despise these challenges as they're just insulting and cruel most of the time. It's one thing if a kid does it back and forth with their parents and enjoys being teases (I saw that one boy in the middle who laughed at his Dad doing it), but for those who don't like that or who actually have trust problems because of it, it's just a really not nice thing to do that isn't the best idea.

Heck, one of my biggest causes for trust issues is due to how many of my GBA/GB/GCN games were flat out stolen by my birth mother and pawned for money to use on products not right in a home with a child in it, and whenever I wondered where a favorite game went, she'd make a stupid excuse like "you must have lost it" or something.

I believed her until I learned through my grandparents and my own mom that she did pawn a ton of stuff and thus I lost lots of great games for no reason. (I also learned that she tried pawning my prized copy of Pokemon Emerald once, my favorite GBA game, and I apparently DID figure this out to the point I nearly destroyed the apartment room in anger, but thankfully she got it back...) Smash Melee, Double Dash, Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak, Mario Advances 1 and 4... And many others. I still haven't gotten back a copy of Double Dash, SSBM or Hamtaro to this day due to newer games being out and second hand copies being so expensive. D: I'm just glad I never had Cubivore or Path of Radiance growing up. So yeah, while I doubt any of these parents are like my birth mom, actions like these can cause trust issues in kids if they aren't told ahead of time or if the kid doesn't know their parents are teasing goofs.

...Speaking of which, I still remember being the guy who used to tease his best friend by ejecting his 3DS Cart in the middle of a game. (Kid Icarus Uprising) I don't know why I did it but we practically took turns doing it and it was all in silly fun, which is why I'm hit or miss on these challenges. It's not as outright cruel as the Candy one, but it's still something I think that I don't think Jimmy should egg on.

Reminds me of similar other stunts being done by Kimmel & pals in the past to many other unsuspecting children (like lying on how their Halloween candy is gone), just for the sake of having an 'hip' and 'catchy' meme going...

This is just as awful as such past endeavors, really.

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