The Daily Show airs a segment on Fortnite addiction

You know a game is big when the late night shows start featuring it in their segments. The Daily Show did a quick piece on Fortnite and the claims of people becoming addicted to it. For those wondering, the segment actually defends Fortnite and gaming.

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Addiction to any substance or medium is a problem and unhealthy, even if it’s a video game.

Are video games a problem? No.
Is Fortnite a problem? No.

Are there a very tiny minority of Fortnite players addicted to the game in an unhealthy capacity? Sure.

Like with many games. Or gambling, or alcohol. The overwhelming majority enjoy these activities without issue. Only a tiny minority get addicted in an unhealthy manner.

Sat Dec 15 18 02:45pm
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Yep, and there's other underlying untreated mental health problems going on in pretty much all of those cases too.

Fortnite today, whatever is popular tomorrow tomorrow. Media loves easy scapegoats.

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