GameSpot Vs. - Which Is The Best Multiplayer Switch Game: Smash Bros. Ultimate or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Nintendo Switch is the perfect local multiplayer console, but which is the best game to play on it with your friends?



Different experiences in my opinion. Both extremely fun.

It has to be Mario Kart, it has far greater universal appeal and wider demographics.

Mario Kart is certainly more accessible, it can be played at its most basic level with less instructions. In Smash, you at least need to know how to double jump and then up special, things like that can be hard for newcomers to learn. MK also has more customisation to make it fun for new players, like the ability to use steering assist or the more intuitive motion controls, and the option to change the speed of the race.

Sun Dec 16 18 03:37pm
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I'll say Smash. I get sick of Mario Kart but I never get sick of Smash

I played both with friends last night, both amazing multiplayer games. There's not really any need to compare them

Mario Kart 8 I liked it very much, but after so many races I feel I play them in automatic. Still it may be the best track selection in the series.

Spoiler: It depends on whether you prefer racing or fighting games.

Next time: What's better, dark and gritty or lighthearted abd cartoony games? ;)

I'd say it depends on what mood I'm in since I like both genres about equally! I will no doubt continue to buy every game in both series.

For "multiplayer games you can play with almost anybody", it would be Mario Party.


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