San-ei Boeki releasing Super Mario Suwareru Plushes

San-ei Boeki are releasing officially licensed Super Mario Suwareru Plushes. The plushes are 295mm x 250mm and are set to launch in Japan in April 2019. Preorders are open for these plushes until Dec. 17th, 2018. Grab your preorder here.

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Given the name (“suwareru” means “[you] can sit”), my guess is these are meant as little stools to sit on

That's what I guessed, too. "Plushes you can sit on". But they don't look very seat-like.

It’s complicated by the fact that a lot of Japanese furniture is lower to the floor, and it’s not super weird to sit directly on tatami mat flooring, so there’s a pretty big market for small, short stools and chairs

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