2018 Year In Numbers - A look at the biggest money-makers, publishers, and more of the year

GamesIndustry has put together their look back at 2018, as far as it pertains to the game industry. There's a number of interesting stats in the report, including the most-discussed titles on Twitter, biggest money-makers, and more. If you want to see the full report, check out the feature here.

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See this is some of the information I like to see. I'd like a breakdown of specific software sales numbers too, but this is a start. Nintendo had one of their better years for some time there but they're still a distant 3rd.

They were probably way better in 2017. The two big hitters just released (Smashing as i write now). Next year shall be interesting for the gaming world. Announcements of PS5 and NextBox, but Switch will have some pretty good titles (and perhaps a Switch 2? Don't think so, but it's a harsh battle out there these days)

Also, we only have UK numbers. This is a small, and very biased, sampling.

Very true it's only from the UK. So would be even more curious to see world wide numbers, of course. Japan's numbers could be interesting.

Dark Souls (Remaster + Switch)

Did... did no one tell them they are one and the same?


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