Texas homeowner creates 9-minute Mario-themed holiday light show

Well that's one hell of a holiday light show! I'm not sure why this homeowner decided to make his yearly Christmas display Mario-themed, but it's definitely an impressive show!

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These guys win Christmas

Impressive, but I hope this doesn't play on loop all night

for their neighbors' sake.

Mon Dec 17 18 08:56pm
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Nah, this display is actually in my hometown. They keep it on from 6:30-11pm only. It's really impressive in person, but it's on the end of a cul-de-sac so you kind of have to wait in line to see it.

That's nice, I wouldn't like to live next door to that house though. :p

Part of me finds this pretty darn cool, but most of me finds it obnoxious and irritating.

Wait is dec 25 Mario's birthday


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