German Game Sales Charts - November 2018

Yes, you read that right. Germans are crazy about Farming Simulator. So much so that it beat out Pokemon: Let's Go on the Nov. 2018 sales charts. I guess there's just something truly appealing about farming to our friends in Germany. I might have to check that series out!

Thanks to Gerjet for the heads up!

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LOL That's some crazy taste in games from the Germans. It's not the first time either I believe. I think they really like the series. I'd be curious to know if combined sales of both Pokemon would have been number 1. Surely it would have been.

I simply do not see any appeal in these kinds of games. I tried some demos, but it's just not fun to me. It's like doing a real job, but in a game...
Still, the numbers speak for themselves (or at least the games' placements). And I know lots of customers who ask for the Farming Simulator games. It might even compete with FIFA one day.

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