IGN Video - Smash Bros. Ultimate: 6 OP Characters That Need Nerfs

There a ton of characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but not all are made equal. Here are 6 characters that may be looking at a nerf bat in the near future.


Boo, as if the meta game is concrete yet.

I wish my boy Ganondorf was OP. as well

Well I'd say Ness and Young Link for sure are insanely annoying to deal with. K.Rool seems to be the one everybody agrees is completely OP.

Yes K.Rool deserves to be OP. After 10 years of neglect he's finally getting his repressed anger out on the cast that made it in before him. Lol

But seriously K.Rool isnt OP hes just like every heavy before him combo food. People just cant seem to accept a heavyweight higher than bottom teir for once so they jump on the OP bamdwagon.

Haha fair enough ^^
I mean yeah, it's not like the meta has settled yet anyway, those are just impressions. I don't think Simon is that bad though. Neither is Roy. The three others though, as I've said, I have noticed that they can be really annoying to deal with in general. Ness in particular, I was like wow what the heck happenned ? We'll see how the community handle them. Also I'm happy that Cloud and Bayo got nerfed for real.

Man, screw off IGN. K Rool, Young Link, Ness, and the Belmonts aren't even top tier if you ask most pros.

Young link is top dog according to zero

I hate battling corrin. He/she should get nerfed pronto


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