Amazon lists Yoshi's Crafted World as releasing on April 26th, 2019

Sometimes retailers put up game placeholder dates that don't make any sense. Other times they add a date that makes you scratch your head and wonder if it could be true. That's the case with Yoshi's Crafted World's listing on Amazon, which now has an April 26th, 2019 release date attached to it. That would be a Friday, which certainly falls in line with when Nintendo launches games. I guess we'll just have to hang tight and see if this one pans out.

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Yoshi has felt to me like an April game for a bit, in fact I think that was the exact date I predicted. The issue still remains that Nintendo has no system seller dated for Q1 next year (Q4 this fiscal year), and I doubt Switch sales will go over 18 million this YTF by the end of the holiday quarter. Maybe FE will be March and they'll just cover DLC at the Fire Emblem Expo?

Pokémon and Smash (especially Smash) will carry the Switch in early 2019. And don't forget New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Is it a simple port of a Wii U launch game? Yes, but it's 2D Mario, it's on the Switch, and it's a pretty good game! It will sell over 5 million units faster than most expect. Don't believe me? Check the numbers for the New SMB series. Even 2 on the 3DS, which was underwhelming, sold over 10 million.

Sun Dec 23 18 01:16pm
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NSMBU sold as well as it did because it was the only launch game of note (Nintendo Land is very good and sold very well but it was bundled for a lot of people and was a party game, people still wanted a traditional game with the console), and was bundled for half the systems life. Its a dead series, interest is gone after 2, and the only Wii U port to break 2 million thus far was MK8 as well. It is lucky if it sells 5 million, people rebought DKC TF because its a really good game, very very few people are going to rebuy NSMBU so its already at a disadvantage. Also who cares if it sells well, the issue is what they have to sell SYSTEMS from Jan to March next year, and NSMBU isn't going to get close to that. Smash and Pokemon are not going to alone carry Switch to 10 million hardware sales, Smash is huge but it isn't that huge. Nintendo needs marketing (which they did very well last quarter) and a system seller next quarter to do that. Smash hype is going to die down by next quarter, it happens with ever holiday game, people will buy systems for it next year, but not the millions they need. Something like FE would be big enough for March, if Yokai Watch could make it as well I think Nintendo will be fine.

I can see why you'd think that way, but I wholeheartedly disagree.
1 - It's not a matter of selling over 2 million units. But most if not all Wii U ports outsold their Wii U counterparts
2 - DKC Tropical Freeze has sold much better than I expected considering it is a $60 dollar port of a $50 old game that had had its price reduced to $20.
3 - Smash didn't use to be that big, but it is now. It is HUGE and it is evergreen. And the fact that DLC will be coming until early 2020 will ensure its stay in the spotlight.
4 - 2D Mario is still 2D Mario. The fact that with two games of the same series launching so close together in the year and selling 12.82 and 5.77 million units respectively is not a sign of a dead series. It's a sign that the Wii U had a super low install base, otherwise that second number would be over 10 million.
5 - I believe the Switch will have sold over 10 million this quarter, with Pokémon and Smash being the main reason behind it.
6 - I also hope Nintendo has another big hitter (focus on another) for the first quarter, but I don't believe that would be Fire Emblem, it's more of a May/June game. As for Yokai, I don't follow the series or it's sales, so I cannot in good conscience comment on that.
We both have our reasons for our predictions. As for who is correct, only time will tell. Smile

Mon Dec 24 18 07:43pm
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1. It is, the entire point of my comment is about system sales. If something doens't sell over 2 million at this point, (if its a Japan focused game of course its goals are different), probably not going to be a system seller.
2. It did sell better than expected, that was my point, I was explaining why NSMBU likely can't do what DKCTF did. Also remember DKCTF sold less initially so it had more potential new customers (than NSMBU).
3. Smash has always been that big, Meelee was the best selling GCN game.
4. NSMBU again was a launch title and bundled, 1-2 Switch would have been lucky to break 1 million if it launched in September. NSMB2 was the last time that style of game sold amazing, 2D Mario can still do well, but people are tiring of the same style over and over again. Same exact thing happened with 3D Mario, Nintendo creatively reinvented it, and look how well Odyssey is doing.
5. Sure I do too. Thats 15.2 million units sold, now Nintendo has to sell 4.8 million Switches in the worst quarter for video game sales. I think it did a bit better than 10 million, but even if it did 12.8 million, 2 million Switches is a lot for a quarter where their only "big" game is a Wii U port. Something like an FE would be enough to push it over, but they need that one game.
6. I hope its FE, since that was originally supposed to be 2018 so the hope would be it wouldnt have been pushed back that far. YW has historically sold a lot of systems for 3DS, but its momentum has slowed down a lot due to over-saturation. The hope is 4 will be enough to reinvent it (HD, more mature audience) and make it a system seller again, but who knows. I would also bring up DQ XI S but its seeming like that won't be until Summer likely, or later.


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