Grasshopper's company fact sheet now lists Nintendo as a 'major client'

Grasshopper updated their company fact sheet a few days back, and it includes a notable change. Among the 'major clients' on the sheet, we now see that Nintendo is listed. Previously, Grasshopper's major clients were those who published Grasshopper's games. While Nintendo is distributing the physical version of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, they are not actually handling publishing duties.

Whether this update points to something more going on between the two companies, or is simply tied to Travis Strikes Again, remains to be seen.

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No more heroes 3. Please Please Please Please Please.

Also of note is that
A. They are down 15 employees
B. Their capital is down 80%
and most importantly
C. They moved out of Gung Ho's offices into another nearby office building

They are still, as far as we know, a subsidiary of Gung Ho, but it seem (possibly) like either their relationship is starting to weaken, they are planning to be bought out by someone else, or they are buying themselves out, which would explain the massive loss in capital. But that all is speculation. Even then a closer relationship with Nintendo would definitely give good reason to think that they would be willing to leave Gung Ho, if their relationship with Gung Ho isn't working out, as some publishing deals with Nintendo would likely help them a ton, and it would allow larger projects like No More Heroes 3 to be made.

Didn't Gung Ho force them to make some changes to their games that ultimately undermined them? I don't recall specifics, but...

I'll look into that, wouldn't surprise me, I'd assume it would be Let It Die?

My hope is for a major comeback but I don't think Travis Strikes again won't be that game. Now while the situation wasn't quite as dire, Platinum was at a bad place a few years ago and they bounced back. I wonder if they would be open to be acquired by another company if things with Gung Ho don't work out.

If Nintendo purchased Grasshopper that would be pretty crazy, first acquisition in 10 years, since Monolithsoft (for a dev, they bought stake in PUX recently)

Killer7 HD pleeeeaaase?

That's entirely up to Capcom according to Suda.


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