Tekken 7 producer says a Switch port is dependent on fan interest

Would you like to see Tekken 7 come to the Switch? If so, now's the time to speak up and let Bandai Namco know. Tekken 7 producer Katsuhiro Harada has said that if Tekken 7 were going to come to Switch, it would be spurred on by fans asking for a port. In other words, it's time to band together and start making a ruckus!

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up

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Sun Dec 23 18 01:51pm
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I don't see either how the Switch still has to prove anything to devs or why they keep incentivizing portbegging. Not only is it annoying to many devs who dislike portbegging but it is also bad for some that might think portbegging is a requirement for demand to be there.

Sun Dec 23 18 01:03pm
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I wouldn't mind it, but not being much of a Teken fan I would rather have SC6.

But this begging they always want from witch owners....

It worked for DBFZ and that port didn't take too long.
With Bandai Namco doing so much for Switch and MK 11 being on there, I don't think it would take that much to convince them. Especially if Nintendo got involved in asking for it.

Sun Dec 23 18 01:37pm
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I am still surprised that MK11 is hitting the Switch =) DBFZ not that much. It was a perfect fit methinks.

I don't know about this one though. Wouldn't it be a bit late? But then again, people are still talking about SFV for Switch...

Past 2019 and it'll be too late ;)

I think the ENTIRE game (SFV) would be a good fit on Switch. But hey! I might be alone. ;)

Sun Dec 23 18 01:47pm
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Dragon Ball FighterZ was already planned for Switch before they asked fans to beg for it. Once Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 sold like crazy Bandai planned FighterZ as well.

No not really, they said in the first place that it getting ported was based on sales of Xenoverse 2, and they said if you want Fighter Z Xenoverse 2 needs to sell well, the begging actually began then, not after.

No.... you're actually wrong. The game was planned before the PS4/Xbox One version was even released. Port-begging didn't get the game on Switch.

A. I didn't say port begging got the game on to the Switch, I agreed that Xenoverse 2 sales did, my point was it could appear that they did since the timing was the same, of course it was just the sales
B. Xenoverse 2 released on Switch before Fighterz did on PS4 & Xbox One

Sun Dec 23 18 01:51pm
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I don't see either how the Switch still has to prove anything to devs or why they keep incentivizing portbegging. Not only is it annoying to many devs who dislike portbegging but it is also bad for some that might think portbegging is a requirement for demand to be there.

The main reason is pretty simple. Tekken 7 is very old and was developed before the Switch was even a thing, so them doing a late port of the base game (and NOT a GOTY edition) is not practical at this point, especially if they'll have to scale back the game to make it work on the system. They're better off porting the older Tekken games or Tekken 8, rather than going out of their way to make an inferior port. It makes a lot of sense in that regard, and same goes for other games like RDR2, GTAV, etc

Sun Dec 23 18 02:21pm
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Harada you can kindly fuck off, keep your game if you don't want to port it. Why should we beg for it when the Switch is breaking every record in terms of sales, you never hear these things for the other platforms

I hate that we have to port beg for certain games. 3rd party games are actually selling for once on a Nintendo platform because 3rd parties are giving us at least 1/2 a damn for once. Im no Tekken fan so I dont really care if the game comes or not especially when next year is gonna be crazy with releases both 1st party and 3rd not to mention a lot of 3rd parties next year are ACTUAL day/date multiplats like Onimusha, Crash Team Racing, Team Sonic Racing, Mortal Kombat 11,Tales of Vesperia, and Doom Eternal.

Sun Dec 23 18 03:16pm
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I wonder how they measure fan demand in a case like this.. Enough mentions in social media? Enough letters sent directly to Bandai Namco asking for it?

In the end the big question is: how would it run on Switch?

Sun Dec 23 18 04:05pm
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People don't seem to realize that portbegging on Nintendo systems will continue to be a thing so long as Nintendo continues to produce systems that are incredibly underpowered compared to the competition. Not only that, but we get into the "Nintendo fans only buy Nintendo games" false belief, but still, it works like this a lot: 1. Game gets multiplatform release except on Nintendo system 2. Portbegging is asked for, given. 3. Because of the lack of power that Nintendo systems have and/or lack of effort, it is difficult or impossible to port the game with the same quality to one. 4. Game comes out months after other versions, is the worst version. No one buys it because of that. 5. Game does poorly, publisher moans that Nintendo fans don't buy anything but Nintendo games.

It all comes back to the Switch being a 2015 Tegra tablet, functionally. You can't expect anyone but Nintendo (and maybe Panic Button) to get it right with such a low-spec system, everyone wants to work on systems in 8k that are basically mini PCs. Maybe one day Nintendo will compete again hardware-wise, because that's the origin of all of their problems with 3rd parties.

Plenty of devs outside of Panic Button can port. Especially, you know, the people who programmed the games in the first place and know that inherent game the best.
Their issues with third parties are a lot deeper than just a lack of power, and far more inherent to their relationships with publishers.
No one is asking for a port that is PS4 quality, that is absurd, people are asking for any port (which for a majority of current gen games is possible) at all, and they have been doing very well thus far on the system.

You heard them, Nintendo fans... everyone down on our knees and lick 3rd party boots for the honor of having a late port.

No begging from me. The switch is selling like pancakes... Isn't that proof enough? If 3rd parties want to port their games to the switch, they don't need to make such crappy statements.

Too little too late, got Smash now.

I do want Tekken on the Switch, however we already have enough fighting games on the Switch to warrant something else than portbegging.

Sun Dec 23 18 06:26pm
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Let him keep his port and choke on it if we have to beg for it. Let him use it as a butt plug for all I care, I'll give my money to those devs that actually give me what i want without requiring me to grovel on the ground in front of them.

Mon Dec 24 18 03:31am
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Of course it’d be cool… Though it’s not the top of my list.

I’d like to see producers beg us to buy their games…


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