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Smash Bros. Ultimate - Famitsu review fully translated

by rawmeatcowboy
25 December 2018
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Want to know everything that Famitsu's reviewers had to say about Smash Bros. Ultimate? We have the fully-translated review for you below!

1st reviewer: The participating member roster, which includes collaborations with other companies, is super stellar! A round of applause to them for truly realizing a dream all-star battle. The multiplayer, which lets you enjoy heated versus battles regardless of online or offline, as usual guarantees hype with the same interesting factors. Thanks to new features like collecting Spirits and customizing character, even single-player mode gets full replayability points. Furthermore, with comfortable controls, lively presentations and more, there is nothing lacking in all aspects. A must-have game for Switch users. 10

2nd reviewer: In addition to fighters participating from a variety of titles, the stages are also abundant which makes the volume feel great. It also has an enormous amount of music, which together with stage gimmicks and detailed presentations, shall liven up your mood. The characters move smoothly, making the battles fun with senses of speed and exhilaration, and the action parts are also favorable. I felt a bit inconvenient with how online works here; despite having set “priority rules”, sometimes I got into versus battles with rules that I don’t want. 9

3rd reviewer: Although the amount of characters is its best highlight, it’s not only deep on the volume but also the insides, which is a wonder. The “characteristics”, that make you feel glad if you know the original works, are crammed into the most minute parts. The good feeling from speedy actions is just as expected. Versus battles are always climactic every time in both online and offline. On the other side, the single-player Adventure Mode is also complete. You can experience battles with various conditions, and the character collection and raising features are also fun. 10

4th reviewer: The broad width of gameplay from its overwhelming content is great. The appeals of each character are being displayed more than enough, and I’m very excited with them including stage gimmicks. The UI is also courteous which allows you to enjoy without causing stress. If I could state my wish, I’d be glad if there was a tutorial that’s more courteous for beginners. Also, “Lamplight Star” is a bit difficult and felt grindy to me, and I am also concerned that in online battles I got matched into matches which have different rules from the prioritized ones. 9