Panic Button once again shows interest in creating an original IP

Panic Button has become the go-to dev for porting big-name games to the Switch. Their work on the platform is unparalleled, achieving some crazy-impressive results with their projects. Thus far it's been port after port for Panic Button, but could the dev be working on an original idea? Here's what Adam Creighton, Panic Button’s Studio General Manager and Director of Development, had to say.

"I think most developers want to make their own original game, and I would say we are no different. Where we are maybe different is we won’t ‘bet the farm’ on a new game, and if it doesn’t succeed, have the company go away. So, original IP is an explicit part of our portfolio strategy, we’re creative about how we do that, and we won’t risk the company on it."

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Oh please let them make whatever they dream of on Switch.

I'm more interested in seeing Red Fly make an original game for Switch in the tone of their DMC mockup. If they can bring DMC to Wii, then they could have a viable competitor to Bayonetta on the Switch.


There are a lot of studios who I would love to get a second chance to make unique games again, Factor 5 is probably the #1 for me with them getting rights to the company back recently and most of the employees still in contact.

Also, while I am unsure if this is a studio who is actually capable of making quality products at this current time, I think the developers at NST likely have very poor morale since, right now, they are stuck co-developing smaller games (like Snipper-Clips_ and making mobile games (if rumors are correct), and even before then for the past decade they have only made flash-level puzzle games (the last Mario vs DK games ran on an engine whose sole purpose was making it easier to port flash, html, and javascript games, AKA web games, to Wii U), so I think those developers deserve to make actual games again. But with how that studio is being managed and downsized, I don't know if they can.

I feel bad for developers who are creatively stuck making ports and co-developing with other companies, and I'd love for them to be able to develop something wholely original....

....with that said, while they are great porters, I do have to wonder if they will be able to design and direct a quality game, or if they are going to struggle with that. I know they released a game on the eShop last year that was supposedly mediocre, but it was also a tiny arcade-style game so I don't think that is really reflective of much.

Nothing really wrong with being a port studio if that's what the team is good at though. It's a living, and this studio is so good at it that they even have fans. I'm with you that for all we know an original effort from such a studio might not be so hot. Do they have creative people on their team or just tech heads.

Of course they should try though. Can always work on something alongside ports and then it wouldn't be as huge of a financial risk if it doesn't do well.

Oh there's nothing wrong with being just a port studio and it can make good money, but its less creatively satisfying, and a lot of people get into the industry because they want to help make games, not necessarily port them. With that said, yeah, their team might just not be suited for it, they might be best at the technical side (I should point out though that a lot of people that are creative leads now in the industry started as a programmer, being a programmer doesn't mean you aren't creatively minded, it just means that you aren't an "artist" in the game dev sense). I do doubt if they do do it it will be huge though, they still are going to want a lot of their team on ports. It likely will be a smaller less risky title.

I bet once they make it, they would push the limits of the switch.


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