Limited Run Games to offer Switch blind box purchases

This blind box contains one random game from our past Nintendo Switch physical releases and one random trading card from our collection. There is a possibility that your box could include a one-of-a-kind printing plate card, which is an actual metal plate used in the production of our trading cards. You may also receive a rare Limited Run Games autograph card - which can normally only be obtained by meeting a member of our team in person.

We have done our absolute best to minimize the chance that you will receive a duplicate game if you order multiple blind boxes. Nintendo Switch blind boxes are packed in cases of twelve and each game in each case is unique. The chance for duplicates only exists when we have to open a new case pack to finish an order. Please note that placing multiple separate orders for blind boxes may result in a higher chance of duplicates since those orders may not be packed out from the same case.

Each blind box has a gatefold design for an awesome unboxing experience. The gatefold holds the trading card on the left and a window on the right side allows you to see the cover of the game inside the box. Make sure to have fun while you unbox these!

The assortments of games are as follows:

Common (86% of boxes): Flinthook, Mercenary Kings, Slime-San, Saturday Morning RPG, Night Trap, Kingdom, Thumper
Uncommon (10% of boxes): Thimbleweed Park, Oceanhorn
Rare (4% of boxes): Yooka-Laylee, Furi
Due to the random nature of these items - no returns or exchanges are accepted, all sales are final. We can not take requests for specific titles because we do not know what is in each blind box.

WARNING: This item is limited to FIVE per customer.

Grab yours here

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I want the Shantae one I missed.

A clever way to get rid of excess stock, but $30 per purchase is a pretty big asking price for what may be games you already have (or could just straight buy at the same price).

IMO, the blind box should be cheaper as it's literally a gamble. Maybe even make the deal better if you buy in bulk.

Yeah but I guess if you really really want a game you missed and are willing to take a chance. I wouldn’t do it though.

If you already have them, once the sale is done, there will be no more copies and you can sell it online for about the same price if not more

I agree with you completely. There are a few Limited Run physical games I would like to have, but I'm not taking a gamble at that price.

When you think about it, this is just their way of getting rid of the least popular games. And that's exactly what people are going to get.

This is a disgusting practise, it doesn't matter who the culprit is. I hope nobody buys this.

Loot Boxes for whole games now? No thanks

Blind boxes aren’t a new concept at all Broly. People sell all sorts of these kind of stuff all the time at cons.

Most people at cons hate them.

This is factually false. Most booths run out of Grab Bags at conventions, and the only ones that don't are ones with well known bad grab bagging practices.

Overall, physical grab bags have always been a solid system, and well received by the masses. It is up to the individual on whether or not it's worth it to them. There are more than games in the blind bags they're offering.

The sheer amount of people at each con is far more than the amount of grab bags available. Even stuff like the PAX merch bags always sell out but are consistently criticized

Adding up to Number224's comment, look up for things like Loot Crate! Surprisingly enough, this practice already exists from quite a while now.

For random merchandise of a certain theme yes, but where a video game is the “prize”....not so much.

We don't want to do extra shipments of games even when their demand is there but we will give you the option to randomly buy a game that you might not want. I really don't like Limited Run...

30 bucks? Some of those common games aren't even worth 10!

Am I the only one slightly irked by the "Blind box" logo not matching the box angle?

Resident bad idea.... I always had it in my gut that I didn’t like limited run games (f*** you beatemups [the youtuber], you gave me a reason to hate you), but now I have a reason to.


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