RUMOR - Level-5 saw mass exodus of employees, leading to project delays

Yo-Kai Watch 4 and Inazuma Eleven Ares are both very big titles for Level-5, and both saw major delays in their releases. Level-5's president Akihiro Hino explained some reasoning for the delays in both games over the last few months, but a new report states that there might be more to it than he's letting on.

Rumor is that Level-5 actually saw a ton of employees leave in recent months, leaving them without enough manpower to tackle the projects. Obviously without enough staff, you can't get projects out the door as expected. No reason for the mass exodus of employees was given.

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A shame. I hope the bounce back quickly.

It’s nice to be optimistic and withhold speculation but if an exodus of workers is true then I would have doubts on not only the delivery but also the treatment of said workers.

I do hope it’s nothing and would rather not pry too soon.

I haven't played a Level-5 game that I really liked for a while. The last was Fantasy Life, but I do have Ni No Kuni 2 downloading now.

I used to admire level 5 with their professor Layton series. But when they ended it, that's when I stopped getting into their games as they have nothing else that interests me.

However, if they have troubles here, I hope Nintendo or any other company buys them so they don't have to go bankrupt.

Buying a company in trouble is rarely a good business decision to make, sadly.
Even more so when there have been a mass exodus of employees. That usually means that one (or more) of the top player in the company left and and part of their teams followed suit. That means that what is left of the company is nothing like what it was before. See: Rare, Konami, Capcom, ...


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